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Forest Ecology -- New England -- Air Pollution

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is air pollution and forest ecology in New England.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bormann, F.H., and G.E. Likens. Pattern and Process in a Forested Ecosystem. Springer-Verlag, 1981. 253 pp.

· Schlesinger, W.H. Biogeochemistry: An Analysis of Global Change. Academic Press, 1997. 587 pp.

· The Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study

· The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

· Vitousek, P.M., H.A. Mooney, J. Lubchenco, J.M. Melillo. 1997. Human domination of Earth's ecosystems. Science 277:494-499.

· Hedin, L.O., J.J. Armesto, and A.H. Johnson. 1995. Patterns of nutrients lost from unpolluted, old-growth temperate forests: Evaluation of biogeochemical theory. Ecology 76:493-509.

Other Excellent Sources

· Aber, J.D., and C.T. Driscoll. 1997. Effects of land use, climate variation, and N deposition on N cycling and C storage in northern hardwood forests. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 11:639-648.

· Aber, J.D., K.J. Nadelhoffer, P. Steudler, and J.M. Melillo. 1989. Nitrogen saturation in northern forest ecosystems. Bioscience 39:378-386.

· Arthur, M.A., and T.J. Fahey. 1990. Mass and nutrient content of decaying boles in an Englemann spruce-subalpine fir forest, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 20:730-737.

· Barker, J.R., and D.T. Tingey (eds.). Air Pollution Effects on Biodiversity. Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1992. 322 pp.

· Battles, J.J., A.H. Johnson, T.G. Siccama, A.J. Friedland, and E.K. Miller. 1992. Red spruce death: Effects on forest composition and structure on Whiteface Mountain, NY. Bulletin Torrey Botanical Club 119:418-430.

· Bondietti, E.A. 1990. Descriptions of Research Sites in the Integrated Forest Study on Effects of Atmospheric Deposition. ORNL/TM-11149, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee. 128 pp.

· Charlson, R.J., S.E. Schwartz, J.M. Hales, R.D. Cess, J.A. Coakley, Jr., J.E. Hansen, and D.J. Hoffmann. 1992. Climate forcing by anthropogenic aerosols. Science 255:423-430.

· Cogbill, C.V., and G.E. Likens. 1974. Acid precipitation in the Northeastern United States. Water Resources Research 10:1133-1137.

· Cronan, C.S., and D.F. Grigal. 1995. Use of calcium/aluminum ratios as indicators of stress in forest ecosystems. Journal of Environmental Quality 24:209-226.

· David, M.B. and G.B. Lawrence. 1996. Soil and soil solution chemistry under red spruce stands across the Northeastern United States. Soil Science 161:314-328.

· Eagar, C., and M.B. Adams. 1992. Ecology and decline of red spruce in the eastern United States. Springer-Verlag, 417 pp.

· Environmental Protection Agency. 1996. National air pollutant emission trends, 1900-1995. EPA-454/R-96-007 (October), Washington, D.C.

· Environmental Protection Agency. 1995. Acid deposition standard feasibility study. Report to Congress. EPA 430-R-95-001 (February), Washington, D.C.

· Erikson, E. 1952. Composition of atmospheric precipitation II. Sulfur, chloride, iodine compounds. Tellus 4:280-303.

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· Gilliam, F.S., M.B. Adams, and B.M. Yurish. 1996. Ecosystem nutrient responses to chronic nitrogen inputs at Fernow Experimental Forest, West Virginia. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 26:196-205.

· Godbold, D.L., and A. Huttermann (eds.). Effects of Acid Rain on Forest Processes. Wiley, 1994. 430 pp.

· Hedin, L., L. Granat, G.E. Likens, T.A. Buishand, J.M. Galloway, T.J. Butler, and H. Rodhe. 1994. Steep declines in atmospheric base cations in regions of Europe and North America. Nature 367:351-354.

· Heij, G.J., and J.W. Erisman (eds.). Acid Rain Research: Do We Have Enough Answers? Elsevier, Amsterdam. 1995. 502 pp.

· Herman F.A., and E. Gorham. 1957. Total mineral material, acidity, sulfur and nitrogen in rain and snow at Kentville, Nova Scotia. Tellus 9:180-183.

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· Johnson, A.H., A.J. Friedland, E.K. Miller and T.G. Siccama. 1994a. Acid rain and soils of the Adirondacks, III: Rates of soil acidification in a montane spruce-fir forest at Whiteface Mountain, NY. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 24:663-669.

· Johnson, A.H., T.N. Schwartzman, J.J. Battles, R. Miller, E.K. Miller, A.J. Friedland, and D.R. Vann. 1994b. Acid rain and soils of the Adirondacks, II. Evaluation of calcium and aluminum as causes of red spruce decline at Whiteface Mountain, New York. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 24:654-662.

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· Mitchell, M.J., C.T. Driscoll, J.S. Kahl, G.E. Likens, P.S. Murdoch, and L.H. Pardo. 1996. Climatic control of nitrate loss from forested watersheds in the Northeast United States. Environmental Science and Technology 30:2609-2612.

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· Whittaker, R.H., F.H. Bormann, G.E. Likens, and T.G. Siccama. 1974. The Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study: Forest biomass and production. Ecological Monographs 44:233-254.

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