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Osage People

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the Osage.


Six Superlative Sources

· Callahan, Alice Anne. The Osage Ceremonial Dance: I'n-Lon-Schka. University of Oklahoma Press, 1990.

· Din, Gilbert C., and Abraham P. Nasatir. The Imperial Osages; Spanish-Indian Diplomacy in the Mississippi Valley. University of Oklahoma Press, 1983.

· La Flesche, Francis. The Osage and the Invisible World: From the Works of Francis La Flesche. Introduced and Edited by Garrick Bailey. University of Oklahoma Press, 1995.

· Mathews, John Joseph. The Osage: Children of the Middle Waters. University of Oklahoma, 1961.

· Rollings, Willard H. The Osage: An Ethnohistorical Study of Hegemony on the Prairie-Plains. University of Missouri Press, 1992.

· Wilson, Terry P. The Underground Reservation: Osage Oil. University of Nebraska Press, 1985.

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