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Scholarly Electronic Journals

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is electronic journals.


Six Superlative Sources

· Tenopir, Carol, and Donald W. King. Towards Electronic Journals: Realities for Scientists, Librarians, and Publishers. Special Libraries Association, 2000.

· Bailey, Charles W., Jr. Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography. University of Houston Libraries.

· Harnad, Stevan. "Scholarly Skywriting and the Prepublication Continuum of Scientific Inquiry." Psychological Science 1 (1990): 342-43. Reprinted in Current Contents 45 (November 11, 1991): 9-13.

· Odlyzko, Andrew. "Tragic Loss or Good Riddance? The Impending Demise of Traditional Scholarly Journals." International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (formerly International Journal of Man-Machine Studies) 42 (1995): 71-122. Reprinted in Scholarly Journals at the Crossroads: A Subversive Proposal for Electronic Publishing, A.S. Okerson and J.J. O'Donnell, eds. Association of Research Libraries, 1995, pp. 63-73; and reprinted in Scholarly Publishing: The Electronic Frontier, R.P. Peek and G.B. Newby, eds. MIT Press, 1996, pp. 91-101.

· "New Journals." Special section in Nature 413, 6857 (October 18, 2001): 671-80. Available from: Nature Debates: Future E-Access to the Primary Literature.

· Kling, Rob, and Geoffrey McKim. "Not Just a Matter of Time: Field Differences and the Shaping of Electronic Media in Supporting Scientific Communication." Journal of the American Society for Information Science 51, 14 (2000): 1306-20.

Other Excellent Sources

· Brown, Cecelia M. "Information Seeking Behavior of Scientists in the Electronic Information Age: Astronomers, Chemists, Mathematicians, and Physicists." Journal of the American Society of Information Science 50, 10 (1999): 929-43.

· Peek, Robin, and Greg Newby, eds. Scholarly Publishing: The Electronic Frontier. MIT Press, 2000.

· Rogers, Sally A. "Electronic Journal Usage at Ohio State University." College and Research Libraries 62 (January 2001): 25-34.

· Schauder, Don. "Electronic Publishing of Professional Articles: Attitudes of Academics and Implications for the Scholarly Communication Industry." Journal of the American Society for Information Science 45 (March 1994): 73-100.

· Pullinger, David J. "Academics and the New Information Environment: The Impact of Local Factors on Use of Electronic Journals." Journal of Information Science 25, 2 (1999): 164-72.

· Mabe, Michael. "SuperJournal: The Publisher's Perspective." Serials 11, 2 (July 1998): 117-26.

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