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Climatology -- Applied

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is climatology.


Six Superlative Sources

· Houghton, D.D., ed. (1985) Handbook of Applied Meteorology. Wiley.

· Mather, J.R. (1974) Climatology: Fundamentals and Applications. McGraw-Hill.

· Thompson, R.D., and A. Perry, eds. (1997) Applied Climatology: Principles and Practice. Routledge.

· Lowry, W.P. (1988) Atmospheric Ecology for Designers and Planners. Peavine Publications.

· Price-Budgen, A., ed. (1990) Using Meteorological Information and Products. E. Horwood.

· Oliver, J.E. (1973) Climate and Man's Environment: An Introduction to Applied Climatology. Wiley.

Other Excellent Sources

· Critchfield, H.J. (1983) General Climatology (4th ed.). Prentice Hall.

· Griffiths, J.F. (1976) Climate and the Environment. Westview Press.

· Smith, K. (1975) Principles of Applied Climatology. Wiley.

· Maunder, W.J. (1989) The Human Impact of Climate Uncertainty: Weather Information, Economic Planning, and Business Management. Routledge.

· Kates, R.W., J.H. Ausubel, and M. Berberian, eds. (1985) Climate Impact Assessment: Studies of the Interaction of Climate and Society. Wiley.

· Moran, M.D., and J.M. Moran. (1997) Weather and People. Prentice Hall.

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