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Nanking, China, Massacre, 1937-38

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is the massacre in Nanking, China.


Six Superlative Sources

· Documents of the Rape of Nanking. Edited by Timothy Brook. The University of Michigan Press, 2000.

· Eykholt, Mark, Takashi Yoshida and Daqing Yang. The Nanjing Massacre in History and Historiography. Edited by Joshua A. Fogel. University of California Press, 2000.

· Honda, Katsuichi. The Nanjing Massacre: A Japanese Journalist Confronts Japan's National Shame. Translated by Karen Sandness. Edited by Frank Gibney. Armonk: M. E. Sharpe, 1999.

· Kajimoto, Masato. The Nanking Atrocities.

· Rabe, John. The Good Man of Nanking: the Diaries of John Rabe. Edited by Erwin Wickert. Translated by John E. Woods. Alfred A. Knope, 1998.

· Yang, Daqing. "Convergence or Divergence? Recent Historical Writings on the Rape of Nanjing." American Historical Review 104.3 (June 1999) 842-865.

Other Excellent Sources

· American Missonary Eyewitnesses to the Nanking Massacre 1937-1938. Edited by Martha L. Smalley. Yale Divinity School Library, 1997.

· Hata, Ikuhiko. Nanking Jiken (The Nanjing Incident). Chuo Koron, 1986.

· Ishikawa, Tatsuzo. Ikiteiru Heitai (Living Soldiers). Chuo Koron, 1938. Reprint. Tokyo: Chuko Bunko, 1999.

· Kasahara, Tokushi. Nanking Jiken (The Nanjing Incident). Iwanami Shoten, 1997.

· Li, Fei-Fei, et al. Nanking 1937: 60th Anniversary Conference. Princeton University.

· Nanjing Datsusha Ziliao Bianji Weiyuanhui (Committee for the Compilation of Sources on the Nanjing Massacre). Qin-Hua Rijun Nanjing Datsusha Shiliao (Historical Materials on the Nanjing Massacre Committed by the Japanese Troops Who Invaded China). Jiangsu Guji Chubanshe, 1985.

· Nanking Massacre. Wikipedia.

· Nanking Senshi Shiryoshu I/II (Historical Records of the Battle of Nanjing I and II). Kaiko, 1989.

· Resources Links: Nanking (Nanjing) Massacres. Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, University of Minnesota.

· Scarred by History: The Rape of Nanjing. BBC News, April 11, 2005.

· Smythe, Lewis S. C. War Damage in the Nanking Area: December 1937 to March 1938. Shanghai Mercury Press, 1938.

· Sun Zhaiwei, et al. Nanjing Datsusha (The Nanjing Massacre). 1997.

· The Tokyo Judgment: The International Military Tribunal for the Far East (I.M.T.F.E.) 29 April 1946 - 12 November 1948. Edited by B. V. A. Roling and C. F. Ruter. University Press Amsterdam, 1977.

· Timperley, H. J. Japanese Terror in China. Modern Age Books, 1938.

· WWW Memorial Hall of the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre (1937-1938). HUMANUM, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

· Yang, Daqing. "Challenges of Trans-National History: Historians and the Nanjing Atrocity." SAIS Review 19.2 (Summer-Fall 1999): 133-147.

· Yoshida, Yutaka. Tenno no Guntai to Nanking Jiken (The Emperor's Military and the Nanjing Incident). Aoki Shoten, 1986.

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