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Haunted Places

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is haunted houses and other haunted places.


Six Superlative Sources

· Haunted Places Directory.

· HAUNTED PLACES: THE NATIONAL DIRECTORY by Dennis Hauck (Penguin 2002, 486 pp.). From Hawaii to Maine, this book leads you to more than two thousand haunted sites, most of them open to the public. Besides a detailed history and recent sightings, results of parapsychological investigations are detailed. Photographs of many sites, as well as photos of apparitions, are included. Entries are organized by state, and each one is referenced to an extensive bibliography of over two hundred original sources for those desiring more information. Addresses, phone numbers, Internet sources, and travel directions are provided for all locations.

· GHOST HUNTER'S GUIDEBOOK by Troy Taylor (Whitechapel Press 2001, 212 pp.). This highly respected book contains step-by-step guides to conducting paranormal investigations, new info about ghost photography and looking for ghosts, myths and mysteries of investigations, conducting investigations of graveyards, ghost detection devices, and detailed instructions for the best ways to use equipment in an investigation.

· INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY OF HAUNTED PLACES by Dennis Hauck (Penguin 2000, 275 pp.). Paranormal cases from Great Britain and Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Asia, Australia, the Pacific Islands, South America and the Caribbean, and all of Canada -- over seven hundred and fifty new cases with a hundred photographs of apparitions and locations. Each entry includes a complete description plus precise travel directions, phone numbers, and Internet addresses. This indispensable casebook will be of special interest to paranormal researchers and folklorists, because it provides a unique look at the variations among paranormal phenomenon in different countries and cultures.

· HAUNTED AMERICA by Michael Norman and Beth Scott (Tor 1995, 576 pp.). This series of true ghost stories contains in-depth reporting on some of America's most haunted locations. Each book contains between seventy and one hundred and fifty cases. Other books in this series are HAUNTED HEARTLAND (Warner 1994, 487 pp.) and HISTORIC HAUNTED AMERICA (Tor 1996, 672 pp.).

· GHOSTLY AMERICAN PLACES by Arthur Myers (Fireside 1996, 269 pp.). This ghostly guide to America's most fascinating haunted landmarks is a textbook about our haunted history. Sites include Carleton House, Horton Grand Hotel, Whaley House, Baldpate Inn, Old Stone House, Tuckaway House, Tupelo Seven Theater, Country Tavern, Double Eagle Restaurant, Beardslee Manor, Buttertoes Restaurant, Crier in the Country Restaurant, Logan Inn, Sullivan County News, Inwood Manor, and more.

Other Excellent Sources

· Haunted Bed and Breakfasts

· Ghosts of the Prairie: American History, Hauntings and the Unexplained.

· International Society for Paranormal Research.

· GhostWeb: Official Web Site of the International Ghost Hunters Society.

· The St. John's Haunted Hike: Newfoundland Ghost Tours.

· Tri-State Paranormal Research Group.

· FIELD GUIDE TO NORTH AMERICAN HAUNTINGS: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ENCOUNTERING OVER 100 GHOSTS, PHANTOMS, AND SPECTRAL ENTITIES by W. Haden Blackman (Three Rivers Press 1998, 192 pp.). This book lists over one hundred haunted sites and their resident specters, focusing on haunted houses, vessels, cemeteries, and haunted sites in nature. Each site has a narrative and supernatural history and includes address information. There is also a chapter on ghost hunting.

· HAUNTED HOTELS by Robin Mead (Rutledge Hill 1995, 224 pp.). This travel guide to over one hundred inns in the United States and Canada is a must for the haunted traveler. Listings include contact information, a list of facilities, price range, case histories, and a description of both living and dead residents. Robin Mead is a well-known travel writer who has authored twenty-six books on the subject.

· POSSESSED POSSESSIONS: HAUNTED ANTIQUES, FURNITURE, AND COLLECTIBLES by Ed Okonowicz (Myst and Lace 1996, 106 pp.) and POSSESSED POSSESSIONS II: MORE HAUNTED ANTIQUES, FURNITURE, AND COLLECTIBLES (Myst and Lace 1998, 112 pp.). A collection of true short stories about more than twenty haunted objects located across the country. From Maine to Florida and New Jersey to Ohio, the owners of these haunted objects tell what it's like to own a collectible or piece of antique furniture that has refused "to give up the ghost." This is the book some antique dealers do not want you to buy. This sequel includes forty more amazing true stories of bizarre, unusual and unexplained incidents--all caused by haunted objects like the demented dolls, spirited sculptures, a pesky piano, a killer crib, and much, much more.

· GHOSTS OF THE CAROLINAS by Nancy Roberts (University of South Carolina Press 1988, 116 pp.). This veteran folklorist and ghost researcher has made important contributions to the documentation of true ghost encounters in the South. Some of her other books include: NORTH CAROLINA GHOSTS AND LEGENDS (University of South Carolina Press 1991, 122 pp.) and GEORGIA GHOSTS (John F. Blair 1997, 267 pp.).

· Troy Taylor's authoritative line of paranormal books include SEASON OF THE WITCH (Whitechapel Press 2002, 140 pp.), about the Bell Witch of Tennessee; THE HAUNTING OF AMERICA: GHOSTS AND LEGENDS FROM AMERICA'S HAUNTED PAST (Whitechapel Press 2001, 256 pp.); NO REST FOR THE WICKED: HISTORY AND HAUNTINGS OF AMERICAN CRIME AND UNSOLVED MYSTERIES (Whitechapel Press 2001, 244 pp.); BEYOND THE GRAVE: THE HISTORY OF AMERICA'S MOST HAUNTED GRAVEYARDS (Whitechapel Press 2001, 244 pp.); HAUNTED NEW ORLEANS: GHOSTS AND HAUNTINGS OF THE CRESCENT CITY (Whitechapel Press 2000, 152 pp.); and SPIRITS OF THE CIVIL WAR (Whitechapel Press 1999, 248 pp.).

· CALIFORNIA HAUNTSPITALITY by Robert and Anne Wlodarski (Whitechapel 2002, 248 pp.). This is a very well-documented guidebook to haunted restaurants, taverns, and inns in the Golden State.

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