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Spatial Price Policy

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is spatial price policy.


Six Superlative Sources

· Most-Favored-Customer Pricing and Tacit Collusion. Cooper, Thomas E. Rand Journal of Economics; 17(3), Autumn 1986, pages 377-88.

· Spatial Competition and Spatial Price Discrimination. Norman, George. Review of Economic Studies; 48(1), January 1981, pages 97-111.

· The Noisy Monopolist: Imperfect Information, Price Dispersion and Price Discrimination. Salop, Steven. Review of Economic Studies; 44(3), October 1977, pages 393-406.

· Output and Welfare Implications of Monopolistic Third-Degree Price Discrimination. Schmalensee, Richard. American Economic Review; 71(1), March 1981, pages 242-47.

· On the Strategic Choice of Spatial Price Policy. Thisse, Jacques Francois, and Vives, Xavier. American Economic Review; 78(1), March 1988, pages 122-37.

· A Model of Sales. Varian, Hal R. American Economic Review; 70(4), September 1980, pages 651-59.

Other Excellent Sources

· Spatial Price Discrimination with Heterogeneous Products. Anderson, Simon P., and de Palma, Andre. Review of Economic Studies; 55(4), October 1988, pages 573-92.

· Price Discrimination via Second-Hand Markets. Anderson, Simon P., and Ginsburgh, Victor A. European Economic Review; 38(1), January 1994, pages 23-44.

· Price Discrimination in Spatial Competitive Markets. Anderson, Simon P., and Thisse, Jacques Francois. European Economic Review; 32(2-3), March 1988, pages 578-90.

· Price Discrimination by a Many-Product Firm. Armstrong, Mark. Review of Economic Studies; 66(1), January 1999, pages 151-68.

· Price Discrimination, Competition and Regulation. Armstrong, Mark, and Vickers, John. Journal of Industrial Economics; 41(4), December 1993, pages 335-59.

· Welfare Effects of Price Discrimination by a Regulated Monopolist. Armstrong, Mark, and Vickers, John. Rand Journal of Economics; 22(4), Winter 1991, pages 571-80.

· Price Discrimination in Free-Entry Markets. Borenstein, Severin. Rand Journal of Economics; 16(3), Autumn 1985, pages 380-97.

· Imperfect Price Discrimination and Welfare. Chiang, Raymond, and Spatt, Chester S. Review of Economic Studies; 49(2), April 1982, pages 155-81.

· The Effects of Third-Degree Price Discrimination in Oligopoly. Holmes, Thomas J. American Economic Review; 79(1), March 1989, pages 244-50.

· Price Discrimination and Monopolistic Competition. Katz, Michael L. Econometrica; 52(6), November 1984, pages 1453-71.

· The Welfare Effects of Third-Degree Price Discrimination. Katz, Michael L. American Economic Review; 77(1), March 1987, pages 154-67.

· Supplying Information to Facilitate Price Discrimination. Lewis, Tracy R., and Sappington, David E.M. International Economic Review; 35(2), May 1994, pages 309-27.

· Price Discrimination and Forward Integration. Perry, Martin K. Bell Journal of Economics; 9(1), Spring 1978, pages 209-17.

· Price Discrimination and Social Welfare. Varian, Hal R. American Economic Review; 75(4), September 1985, pages 870-75.

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