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Holocaust -- Art

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is art of the Holocaust.


Six Superlative Sources

· Amishai-Maisels, Ziva. Depiction and Interpretation. Pergamon Press. 1993.

· Baigell, Matthew. Jewish-American Artists and the Holocaust. Rutgers University Press. 1997.

· Bohm-Duchen, Monica. After Auschwitz: Responses to the Holocaust in Contemporary Art. Sunderland, UK. Northern Centre for Contemporary Art and London, Lund Humphries. 1995.

· Saloman, Charlotte. Charlotte: A Diary in Pictures. Harcourt. 1963.

· Young, James T. The Texture of Memory. Yale University Press. 1993.

· Paul Morrison, producer and director. From the Bitter Earth: Artists of the Holocaust. Shooting Stars Film. 225A Brecknock Rd, London, N195AA, UK. 65 minutes.

Other Excellent Sources


· Witness and Legacy: Contemporary Art About the Holocaust.

· Fritz Hirschberger's Sur-Rational Paintings.

· Robert Fisch's "Light from the Yellow Star: A Lesson of Love from the Holocaust".

· David Olère, French Artist and Survivor.

-- PAPER --

· Art in a Concentration Camp: Drawings from Terezin. New York. New School Art Center. 1967.

· Art Out of Atrocity: Works by Alice Lok Cahana and Robert Barsamian. Hamilton, NY. Colgate University. 1998.

· Bak, Samuel. The Past Continues. Boston. David R. Godine. 1988.

· Bak, Samuel. Chess as Metaphor in the Art of Samuel Bak. Boston. Pucker Art Publications. 1991.

· Bak, Samuel. Landscapes of the Jewish Experience (with essay and commentary by Lawrence L. Langer). Boston. Pucker Gallery. 1997.

· Bernbaum, Israel. My Brother's Keeper. The Holocaust through the Eyes of an Artist. New York. Putnam. 1985.

· Blatter, Janet and Sybil Milton. Art of the Holocaust. New York. The Rutledge Press. 1981.

· Borowsky, Irvin J. Confronting the Inconceivable. Philadelphia. American Interfaith Institute. 1992.

· Braham, Randolph L. (ed). Reflections on the Holocaust in Art and Literature. New York. Columbia University Press. 1990.

· Burnt Whole: Contemporary Artists Reflect on the Holocaust. Washington Project for the Arts. 1994.

· Constanza, Mary. The Living Witness: Art in the Concentration Camps and Ghettos. New York. Macmillan. 1982.

· Feinstein, Stephen. "Contemporary Artists and the Holocaust," in What Have We Learned? Telling the Story and Teaching the Lessons of the Holocaust. New York. Mellen Press. 1994.

· Feinstein, Stephen. "Mediums of Memory: Artistic Responses of the Second Generation," in Efraim Sicher (ed.), Breaking Crystal. Urbana, IL. University of Illinois Press. 1997.

· Feinstein, Stephen. "Artistic Responses to the Warsaw Ghetto: Tchelitchew, Shahn and Kaliszan," in Henry Knight and Marcie S. Littell (eds), The Uses and Abuses of Knowledge. New York. University Press of America. 1996.

· Feinstein, Stephen. "Auschwitz in the Backyard: Contemporary Polish Artists Face the Holocaust," in Dominick Iorio, Richard Leibowitz and Marcie Sacks Littell, Proceedings of the 24th Annual Scholars Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches. New York. University Press of America. 1996.

· Feinstein, Stephen. "The Other Side of Memory: Toward a Typology of Holocaust Art," in Response: A Contemporary Jewish Review, No. 68. Fall 1997 / Winter 1998.

· Feinstein, Stephen. "Memory and Re-Memory of the Holocaust Through Installation Art," in Pirijo Ahokas and Martine Chard-Hutchinson (eds.), Reclaiming Memory: American Representations of the Holocaust. Turku, Finland. University of Turku. School of Art Studies. Series A, No. 35. 1998.

· Feinstein, Stephen (ed.). Witness and Legacy: Contemporary Art about the Holocaust. Minneapolis. Lerner Publications, 1994.

· Feliciano, Hector. The Lost Museum. New York. Basic Books. 1995.

· Felstiner, Mary Lowenthal. To Paint Her Life: Charlotte Salomon in the Nazi Era. New York. HarperCollins. 1994.

· Fluek, Toby Knobel. Memories of My Life in a Polish Village, 1930-1949. New York. Knopf. 1990.

· Furth, Valerie Jakober. Cabbages and Geraniums: Memories of the Holocaust. Boulder. Social Science Monographs, Distributed by Columbia University Press. 1989.

· Gilbert, Barbara (curator). From Ashes to the Rainbow: A Tribute to Raoul Wallenberg, Works by Alice Lok Cahana. Los Angeles. Hebrew Union College Skirball Museum. 1986.

· Kampf, Avram. Jewish Experience in the Art of the Twentieth Century. South Hadley, MA. Bergin and Garvey. 1984.

· Kitaj, R.B. First Diaspora Manifesto by R.B. Kitaj. London. Thames and Hudson. 1989.

· Lasansky, Mauricio. The Nazi Drawings by Mauricio Lasansky. Iowa City. University of Iowa Press. 1976.

· Makarova, Elena. From Bauhaus to Terezin: Freidl Dickler-Brandeis and Her Pupils. Jerusalem. Yad VaShem. 1990.

· Milton, Sybil. In Fitting Memory: The Art and Politics of Holocaust Memorials. Detroit. Wayne State University Press. 1992.

· Milton, Sybil. The Story of Karl Stojka: A Childhood in Birkenau. Exhibition at the Embassy of Austria, 1992. Washington. U.S. Holocaust Commission. 1992.

· Novitch, Miriam, and Davidowicz, Lucy. Art from the Concentration Camps, 1940-1945. Philadelphia. Jewish Publication Society. 1981.

· Seeing through Paradise: Artists in the Terezin Concentration Camp. Boston. Massachusetts College of Art. March 6-May 4, 1991.

· Spiritual Resistance: Art from the Concentration Camps, 1940-45. Philadelphia. Jewish Publication Society. 1981.

· The Holocaust in Contemporary Art. Exhibit at the Holman Hall Art Gallery, March 27-April 15, 1989. Trenton. Trenton State College. 1989.

· Toll, Nellie S. Behind the Secret Window: A Memoir of a Hidden Childhood during World War II. New York. Dial. 1992.

· Toll, Nellie S. When Memory Speaks: The Holocaust in Art. Westport, CN. Praeger. 1998.

· Thompson, Vivian Alpert. A Mission in Art. Macon. Mercer University Press. 1988.

· Van Alphen, Ernst. Caught by History: Holocaust Effects in Contemporary Art, Literature and Theory. Stanford. Stanford University Press. 1997.

· Van Alphen, Ernst (ed.). The Art of Memory: Holocaust Memorials in History. New York and Munich. Prestel-Verlag. 1994.

-- VIDEOS --

· Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Degenerate Art. 58 minutes. David Grubin Productions, 1000 N Highland, Hollywood, CA. 213-466-0624.

· Traditions and Transformation: A History of Jewish Art and Architecture, Chapter 9B: "From Holocaust Art to Abstract Expressionism." 31 minutes. Narrated bu Ori Z. Soltes. Jewish Art and Architecture Partners, 15 Brandywood Dr., Pepper Pike, OH 44124. 216-831-3098.

· Burnt Whole: Contemporary Artists Reflect on the Holocaust. Produced by Granka Bogdnov. 29 minutes. Institute of Contemporary Arts, Boston. 1995.

· The Legacy of Felix Nussbaum. Produced and Narrated by Barbara Pfeffer, Art and Remembrance.

· Seeing through Paradise: The Terezin Exhibition, Interview with Survivor Fred Terna. Johanna Bronson, Curator. Fargo, ND. North Dakota Museum of Art.

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