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Stewart, James "Jimmy" (1908-1997)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is American actor Jimmy Stewart.


Six Superlative Sources

· Coe, Jonathan. Jimmy Stewart: A Wonderful Life. Little Brown, 1994.

· Dewey, Donald. James Stewart: A Biography. Turner Publishing, 1996.

· Eyles, Allen. James Stewart. Stein and Day, 1984.

· Molyneaux, Gerard. James Stewart: A Bio-Bibliography. Greenwood Press, 1992.

· Pickard, Roy. Jimmy Stewart: A Life in Film. St. Martin's Press, 1993.

· Robbins, Jhan. Everybody's Man: A Biography of Jimmy Stewart. Putnam, 1985.

Other Excellent Sources

-- BOOKS --

· Bassinger, Jeanine. Anthony Mann. Twayne, 1979.

· Bassinger, Jeanine. The "It's a Wonderful Life Book." Knopf, 1986.

· Bingham, Dennis. Acting Male: Masculinities in the Films of James Stewart, Jack Nicholson, and Clint Eastwood. Rutgers University Press, 1994.

· Bogdanovich, Peter. John Ford. University of California Press, 1968.

· Brill, Lesley. The Hitchcock Romance: Love and Irony in Hitchcock's Films. Princeton University Press, 1988.

· Capra, Frank. The Name above the Title. MacMillan, 1971.

· Fenin, George, and William K. Everson. The Western. Grossman, 1973.

· Freedman, Jonathan, and Richard Millington, eds. Hitchcock's America. Oxford University Press, 1999.

· Glatzer, Richard, and John Raeburn, eds. Frank Capra and His Films. University of Michigan Press, 1975.

· Grossvogel, David I. Vishnu in Hollywood: The Changing Image of the American Male. Scarecrow Press, 2000.

· Hunter, Allen. James Stewart. Hippocrene, 1985.

· Jones, Ken D., Arthur McClure, and Alfred Twomey. The Films of James Stewart. A.S. Barnes, 1970.

· Le Hanaff, Ronan. James Stewart. Editions PAC, 1986.

· Levy, Emanuel. And the Winner Is...The History and Politics of the Oscar Winners. Ungar, 1987.

· Mellen, Joan. Big Bad Wolves: Masculinity in American Film. Pantheon, 1977.

· Parish, James Robert, and Don E. Stanke. The All-Americans. Arlingtgon House, 1977.

· Speck, Gregory. Hollywood Royalty: Hepburn, Davis, Stewart and Friends Recall the Screen's Golden Years. Carol Publishing Group, 1992.

· Stewart, Jimmy. Jimmy Stewart and His Poems. Crown Publishers, 1989.

· Thomas, Tony. A Wonderful Life: The Films and Career of James Stewart. Citadel, 1988.

· Thompson, Howard. James Stewart. Pyramid, 1974.

· Von Karajan, Ellen. Jimmy Stewart: A Life in Pictures. Metro Books, 1999.

· Weales, George. Canned Goods as Caviar: American Film Comedies of the 1930s. University of Chicago Press, 1985.


· Denby, David. "Everybody's All-American." Premiere. Feb. 1990: 26-27.

· Denby, David. "It's a Wonderful List." Premiere. Special Edition. Winter 1991: 11.

· Ray, Robert Beverley. "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance." A Certain Tendency of the Hollywood Cinema, 1930-1980. Princeton University Press, 1985.

-- MUSEUM --

· The Jimmy Stewart Museum.


· American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Awards: Salute to Jimmy Stewart. 71 mins. VHS Worldvision AFI 128, 1980.

· Great Performances: James Stewart: A Wonderful Life. Host: Johnny Carson. 120 mins. MGM/UA-TV, 1987.

· Jimmy Stewart: His Wonderful Life. Narrator: Richard Kiley 56 mins. A&E Home Video, 1998.


· James Stewart Reads Edgar Allen Poe. "The Black Cat" and "The Tell-Tale Heart." Jeffrey Norton Publishers, 1979.

· Jimmy Stewart and His Poems. Random House, 1991.

· The Six Shooter (radio series). Metacom, 1995.

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