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Travel -- Kingdom of Tonga

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is traveling in Tonga.


Six Superlative Sources

· Planet Tonga. An online community website with news, people, events, links, and topics of interest to Tongans.

· Tonga A to Z. An alphabetical guide to Tonga with loads of trivia and useful information.

· Tonga Beach and Travel Guide. The clickable maps allow you to access photos and information about resorts throughout Tonga.

· Tonga Travel Guide. Excerpts from Moon Handbooks South Pacific, the original travel guide to Polynesia and Melanesia.

· Tonga Visitors Bureau. Everything you need to know about holidaying in Tonga, including accommodations, diving, fishing, kayaking, sailing, surfing, trekking, legends, whalewatching, airlines, and interesting places.

· Whale Discoveries. Tonga's top attraction is whalewatching at Vava'u, and this eco-friendly company does it best.

Other Excellent Sources

· Adventure Backpackers. An introduction to Vava'u's top backpacker lodge, overlooking the Port of Refuge in picturesque Neiafu.

· Beluga Diving. Beluga is one of two important dive centers based at Vava'u.

· Deep Blue Diving. Homepage of Nuku'alofa's top dive center, with information about diving, accommodations, tours, and fishing.

· 'Eua Island, Naturally Beautiful. Information on whale watching, hiking, scuba diving, travel, and accommodations on 'Eua, plus a selection of stories and myths.

· Fafa Island Resort. This small island resort just off Nuku'alofa offers good beaches with a touch of class in the food and accommodations departments.

· Fins 'n' Flukes. A scuba-diving and whale-watching company based on Lifuka Island in the Ha'apai Group.

· Friendly Islands Kayak Company. These adventure tours let you snorkel in crystal clear waters, visit native villages, explore deserted islands, and kayak the clear waters of Vava'u, one of the world's most beautiful places.

· Government of Tonga. This official site provides a good deal of useful information about Tonga and its government.

· Ha'atafu Beach Resort. Ha'atafu Beach boasts some of the world's best surf, and this resort is the only one in Tonga specialising in surfing holidays.

· Hau'ofa, Epeli. Tales of the Tikongs. Longman Paul Ltd., 1983; reprinted by the University of Hawaii Press, 1994. An amusingly ironic view of Tongan life: "Our people work so hard on Sunday it takes a six-day rest to recover." The development aid business, exotic religious sects, self-perpetuating bureaucracy, and similar themes provide a milieu for the tales of the Tikongs: in Tiko nothing is as it seems. The University of Hawaii Press has also reprinted Hau'ofa's Kisses in the Nederends (1995), a satire of life in a small Pacific community.

· Heilala Holiday Lodge. This bed and breakfast holiday lodge on Tongatapu is surrounded with exotic, traditional gardens, and your hosts can arrange daytrips and many other activities.

· Ledyard, Patricia. Friendly Isles: A Tale of Tonga. Vava'u Press, 1984. A new edition of Ledyard's 1956 classic; Ledyard also wrote Utulei, My Tongan Home (Hale, 1974) about her many years at Vava'u.

· Map of Tonga. View a map of the four island groups of the Kingdom of Tonga, from Map South Pacific.

· Martin, John. Tonga Islands: William Mariner's Account. Vava'u Press, 1981. Mariner, a survivor of the 1806 Port au Prince massacre at Ha'apai, became the adopted son of the warrior king Finau Ulukalala II and stayed in Tonga four years before returning to England.

· Melinda Sea Adventures. The charter yacht Melinda is available for sailing holidays, whalewatching, snorkeling, diving, and cruising the islands of Vava'u.

· Outriggers in Paradise. This company takes visitors around the Vava'u Group at water level, traveling by outrigger canoe.

· Royal Sunset Island Resort. This stylish resort sits on tiny 'Atata Island just off Tonga's capital Nuku'alofa.

· Sailing Safaris. Sailing Safaris offers affordable bareboat charters and whalewatching excursions from the island of Vava'u.

· St. Cartmail, Keith. The Art of Tonga. University of Hawaii Press, 1997. The first book solely devoted to this powerfully fresh art style.

· Tonga Accommodation and Resorts Directory. A searchable index of places to stay in Tonga.

· Tonga on the Net. An internet directory featuring Tongan stories and folklore, plus a link to the cyber cafe in Nuku'alofa.

· Tonga Radio. The site of A3V 89.1 FM, the kingdom's best private music station.

· Tonga Resorts Pacific. A resorts guide with maps and travel information about the islands of Tonga.

· Tongan Holiday. A holiday planner for Tonga and Niue with travel guides, frequently asked questions, and island maps.

· Whales in the Wild. Witness spectacular humpback whales in their natural habitat through whale watching expeditions at Vava'u from late June and to late October.

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