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Presley, Elvis (1935-1977) -- Literary and Cultural Studies

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Elvis.


Six Superlative Sources

· Chadwick, Vernon, ed. In Search of Elvis: Music, Race, Art, Religion -- Papers Delivered at the First International Conference on Elvis Presley, Held at the University of Mississippi, 1995. Westview, 1997.

· Doll, Susan M. Understanding Elvis: Southern Roots vs. Star Image. Garland Studies in American Popular History and Culture, Garland, 1998.

· Doss, Erika Lee. Elvis Culture: Fans, Faith, and Image. University Press of Kansas, 1999.

· Griel, Marcus. Dead Elvis: A Chronicle of a Cultural Obsession. Doubleday, 1991.

· Quain, Kevin, ed. The Elvis Reader: Texts and Sources on the King of Rock 'n' Roll. St. Martin's, 1992.

· Tharpe, Jac L. Elvis: Images and Fancies. University Press of Mississippi, 1979. Includes: "Images of Elvis, the South, and America" by V.K. Brock; "A Young Girl's Fancy..." by J. Deen; "The First Goodbye..." by S.M. Gardner; "Audience Amplitude" by P.G. Hammontree; "Elvis, Thailand, and I" by N. Kanchanawan; "And Now Direct to You from Hillbilly Heaven" by W.C. Kendall; "The Memphis Faun" by J. Kirby; "Elvis, Country Music, and the South" by B.C. Malone; "Notes of a Fanatic" by G. McRae; "All Shook Up?" by R. Middleton; "Elvis" by L.R. Pratt; "Will the Real Elvis Presley..." by J. Tharpe; "Visions of Elvis" by S. Tucker; "Presley and the Gospel Tradition" by C. Wolfe.

Other Excellent Sources

· Bennett, Gillian, and Paul Smith. Contemporary Legend: A Reader. Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, vol. 1718. New Perspectives in Folklore, vol. 4. Garland, 1996.

· Bertrand, Michael. Race, Rock, and Elvis. Music in American Life Series, University of Illinois Press, 2000.

· Clift, Jean Dalby, and Wallace B. Clift. The Archetype of Pilgrimage: Outer Action with Inner Meaning. Paulist, 1996.

· DePaoli, Geri, and Wendy McDaris, ed. Elvis Plus Marilyn: Two Times Immortal. Rizzoli International, 1994.

· Fiske, John. Power Plays, Power Works. Verso, 1993.

· Foreman, Joel, ed. The Other Fifties: Interrogating Midcentury American Icons. University of Illinois Press, 1997. Includes the essay "Watching Elvis: The Male Rock Star As Object of the Gaze" by David R.Shumway.

· Goldman, Albert Harry. Sound Bites. Turtle Bay, 1992.

· Griel, Marcus. Double Trouble: Bill Clinton and Elvis Presley in a Land of No Alternatives. Holt, 2000.

· Grizzard, Lewis. Elvis Is Dead and I Don't Feel So Good Myself. Peachtree, 1984.

· Gurr, David. Arcadia West: The Novel and the Storyboard from Elvis thru Thos. Jefferson. Quarry, 1994.

· Hammontree, Patsy Guy. Elvis Presley: A Bio-Bibliography. Greenwood Press, 1985.

· Harrison, Ted. Elvis People: The Cult of the King. Fount, 1992.

· Hinds, Mary Hancock. Infinite Elvis: An Annotated Bibliography. Acapella, 2000.

· King, Richard H., and Helen Taylor, ed. Dixie Debates: Perspectives on Southern Cultures. New York University Press, 1996.

· Kirchberg, Connie, and Marc Hendricks. Elvis Presley, Richard Nixon, and the American Dream. McFarland, 1999.

· Knobler, Peter, and Greg Mitchell, ed. Very Seventies: A Cultural History of the 1970s, from the Pages of Crawdaddy. Simon, 1995.

· Kroker, Arthur, and Marilouise Kroker. The Last Sex: Feminism and Outlaw Bodies. St. Martin's, 1993.

· Leonard, John. The Last Innocent White Man in America and Other Writings. New Press, 1993.

· Lewis, Lisa A., ed. The Adoring Audience: Fan Culture and Popular Media. Routledge, 1992.

· Marling, Karal Ann. As Seen on TV: The Visual Culture of Everyday Life in the 1950s. Harvard University Press, 1994.

· Meads, Kat. Born Southern and Restless. Duquesne University Press, 1996. Includes the essay "When Elvis Died."

· Mueller, Lavonne. Elvis Monologues. Heinemann, 1997.

· Rheingold, Todd. Dispelling the Myths. Self-Published, 1993.

· Stevens, Robert L., et al., ed. The Core and the Canon: A National Debate. University of North Texas Press, 1993.

· Volkan, Kevin. Dancing among the Maenads: The Psychology of Compulsive Drug Use. Lang, 1994.

· Ward, Geoffrey C., ed. The Best American Essays, 1996. Houghton, 1996. Includes the essay "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Elvis" by Julie Baumgold.

· Weiss, Hillary. The American Bandanna: Culture on Cloth from George Washington to Elvis. Chronicle, 1990.

· Wilson, Charles Reagan. Judgment and Grace in Dixie: Southern Faiths from Faulkner to Elvis. University of Georgia Press, 1995.

· Wray, Matt, and Annalee Newitz, ed. White Trash: Race and Class in America. Routledge, 1997.

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