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Music, Popular, and Society

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is popular music.


Six Superlative Sources

· Robert Burnett, The Global Jukebox: The International Music Industry (Routledge Press, 1996).

· Simon Frith, Performing Rites: On the Value of Popular Music (Harvard University Press, 1996).

· Andrew Goodwin, Dancing in the Distraction Factory: Music Television and Popular Culture (University of Minnesota Press, 1992).

· Keith Negus, Popular Music in Theory: An Introduction (Polity Press, 1996).

· Donald Passman, All You Need to Know about the Music Business (Simon and Schuster, 1997).

· David Sanjek, "Popular Music and the Synergy of Corporate Culture," in Mapping the Beat: Popular Music and Contemporary Theory, ed. Thomas Swiss, Andrew Herman, and John Sloop (Blackwell Publishers, 198), pp. 171-186.

Other Excellent Sources

· Gilbert Rodman and Norma Coates, Everyday I Write the Book: A Bibliography of (Mostly) Academic Work on Rock and Pop.

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