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Caves and Karst

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is caves.


Six Superlative Sources

· Taylor, Michael Ray, 1996, Cave Passages: Roaming the Underground Wilderness. Scribner, 285 pp. ISBN 0-684-81854-X.

· Farr, Martyn, 1984, The Great Caving Adventure. Oxford Illustrated Press, 229 pp. ISBN 0-946609-10-1.

· Sloan, Bruce, ed., 1977, Cavers, Caves and Caving. Rutgers University Press, 409 pp. ISBN 0-8135-0835-5.

· Lyon, Ben, 1983, Venturing Underground. EP Publishing, 160 pp. ISBN0-7158-0825-7.

· Rea, G. Thomas, 1992, Caving Basics. National Speleological Society, 187 pp. ISBN 1-879961-00-8.

· Gillieson, David, 1996, Caves: Processes, Development, Management. Blackwell, 324 pp. ISBN 0-631-19175-5.

Other Excellent Sources

· Bedford, Bruce, 1975, Challenge Underground. Zeaphyrus Press, 192 pp. ISBN 0-914264-16-8.

· White, William B., 1988, Geomorphology and Hydrology of Karst Terrains. Oxford, 464 pp. ISBN 0-19-504444-4.

· Ford, Derek, and Williams, Paul, 1989, Karst Geomorphology and Hydrology. Chapman and Hall, 601 pp. ISBN 0-412-44590-5.

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