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The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is computer security.


Six Superlative Sources

· CERT/CC. Unit of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), a federally funded research and development center at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, that provides vulnerability analysis, incident handling, and information dissemination.

· F-Secure Security Center. News, hoax warnings, screen shots, and bulletins about new computer viruses.

· InfoSysSec. Security and hacking guides, tutorials, downloads.

· InfraGuard. Public-private-sector organization to fight cyber and physical threats to critical infrastructures, with 80 local chapters and with industry and FBI representatives.

· Internet Storm Center. System that gathers millions of intrusion detection log entries from around the world to find new virus and worm attacks.

· McAfee AVERT Virus Information Library. Information viruses, how they infect systems, and how to remove them.

Other Excellent Sources

· Central Command. Virus information for corporate and home users.

· CIO: Security. Articles, book reviews, and reports.

· CISSP and SSCP Open Study Guides. Study guides, tips, and resources.

· Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE). List of standardized names for vulnerabilities and other information-security exposures.

· Computer Associates Global Security Advisor. Detailed information on the latest viruses, worms, Trojans, and hoaxes.

· GFI Security Labs. Virus threats, security tests, information about security.

· Information Security Magazine. Online magazine about computer security.

· Internet Security Review. Online magazine about computer security.

· MessageLabs Intelligence. Information on email security threats.

· Microsoft Security Central. Security tools, documentation, tips, and other information regarding security for users, developers, and businesses.

· NIST Computer Security Resource Center. The National Institute of Standards and Technology's Computer Security Division provides information on security, awareness of IT risks, vulnerabilities, and protection requirements.

· Panda Security Info. Information and resources about viruses.

· SC Magazine. Online magazine about computer security.

· Security Magazine. Online magazine about computer security.

· SecurityFocus. Extensive computer-security information.

· SecurityGeeks. Security, cryptography, and privacy news.

· Sophos: Security Information. Analysis, articles, and other computer-virus information.

· Symantec Security Response. Information on virus threats, security advisories, tools, and other security topics.

· Trend Micro Virus Information Center. News of viruses, an encyclopedia, security alerts, options to submit suspicious files.

· U.S. Federal Trade Commission. Information on computer security and e-commerce.

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