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Geochemical Modeling of Magmatic Systems

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is magmatic systems.


Six Superlative Sources

· Albarede, F., 1995, Introduction to Geochemical Modeling, Cambridge University Press, 543 pp.

· Allegre, C.J., and Minster, J.F., 1978, Quantitative models of trace element behavior in magmatic processes, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 38: 1-25.

· DePaolo, D.J., 1981, Trace element and isotopic effects of combined wallrock assimilation and fractional crystallization, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 53: 189-202.

· Ghiorso, Mark, 1997, Thermodynamic models of igneous processes, Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 25: 221-241.

· O'Hara, M.J., and Mathews, R.E., 1981, Geochemical evolution in an advancing, periodically replenished, periodically tapped, continuously fractionated magma chamber, Journal of Geological Society of London 138: 237-277.

· Spera, F.J., and Bohrson W.A., 2001, Energy-constrained open-system magmatic processes I: General model and energy-constrained assimilation and fractional crystallization (EC-AFC) formulation, Journal of Petrology 42: 999-1018.

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