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Community Currencies

The following sources are recommended by a former professor whose research specialty is community currencies.


Six Superlative Sources

· Greco, Thomas H. Money: Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender. Chelsea Green, 2001.

· Reinventing Money.

· Riegel, E.C. Private Enterprise Money. Harbinger House, 1944.

· Riegel, E.C. Flight from Inflation. The Heather Foundation, 1978.

· Studer, Tobias. WIR and the Swiss National Economy. Beard, Philip, trans. Philip Beard and Tobias Studer.

· DeMeulenaere, Stephen. The Online Database of Complementary Currency Systems Worldwide. Complementary Currency Resource Center.

Other Excellent Sources

· Zander, Walter. "Railway Money and Unemployment." Ending the Unemployment and Trade Crisis by the Introduction of Purchasing Certificates and the Establishment of an International Clearing System. Williams and Norgate, 1935. Don't overlook Part 2. and

· Beckerath, Ulrich von. Various Documents and Correspondence of Ulrich von Beckerath.

· Rittershausen, Heinrich. Monetary Theory. Megalli, T., and John Zube, trans.

· Zander, Walter. "A Way out of the Monetary Chaos." Annals of Public and Cooperative Economy. Williams and Norgate, 1938. Don't overlook Part 2. and

· Greco, Thomas H. Money and Debt: A Solution to the Global Crisis. Second edition. Thomas H. Greco, Jr., Publisher, 1990.

· Community Exchange System. South African New Economics Network (SANE). A web-based currency exchange platform and network.

· William S. Still, director and narrator. The Money Masters. Video or DVD. Money Masters, 1997.

· Timberlake, Richard H., and Kevin Dowd, eds. Money and the Nation State. Transaction Publishers, 1998.

· Kennedy, Margrit, and Helmut Creutz. Interest and Inflation Free Money: Creating an Exchange Medium That Works for Everybody and Protects the Earth. New Society Publishers, 1995.

· International Reciprocal Trade Association. The trade association for the commercial "barter" industry.

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