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Heat Stress in Children

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is heat stress in physiology.


Six Superlative Sources

· K.K. King and J.C. Vance, "Heat stress in motor vehicles: A problem in infancy," Pediatrics, 68(4):579-582 (1981).

· V.A. Harpin, G. Chellappah, and N. Rutter, "Responses of the newborn infant to overheating," Biol. Neonate, 44(2):65-75 (1983).

· V.A. Harpin and N. Rutter, "Sweating in preterm babies," J. Pediatr., 100(4):614-619 (1982).

· E. Jokenen, I. Valimaki, K. Antila, A. Seppanen, and J. Tuominen, "Children in sauna: Cardiovascular adjustment," Pediatrics, 86(2):282-288 (1990).

· P.J. Fleming, Y. Azaz, and R. Wigfield, "Development of thermoregulation in infancy: Possible implications for SIDS," J. Clin. Pathol., 45(11 Suppl):17-19 (1992).

· S.M. Williams, B.J. Taylor, and E.A. Mitchell, "Sudden infant death syndrome: Insulation from bedding and clothing and its effect modifiers," Int. J. Epidemiol, 25(2):366-375 (1996).

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