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Dolphin -- Bottlenose

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the bottlenose dolphin.


Six Superlative Sources

· Leatherwood, S., and R.R. Reeves (eds.). 1990. The Bottlenose Dolphin. Academic Press, Inc., 653pp.

· Mann, J., R.C. Connor, P.L. Tyack, and H. Whitehead. 2000. Cetacean Societies: Field Studies of Dolphins and Whales. The University of Chicago Press, 433pp.

· Norris, K.S. 1974. The Porpoise Watcher. W.W. Norton and Co., 250pp.

· Reynolds, J.E., III, and S.A. Rommel (eds.). 1999. Biology of Marine Mammals. Smithsonian Institution Press, 578pp.

· Reynolds, J.E., III, R.S. Wells and S.D. Eide. 2000. The Bottlenose Dolphin: Biology and Conservation. University Press of Florida, 289pp.

· Wells, R.S., and M.J. Scott. 1999. Bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncatus Montagu, 1821. Pp. 137-182. IN: S.H. Ridgway and R.J. Harrison (eds.), Handbook of Marine Mammals, Volume 6, The Second Book of Dolphins and Porpoises. Academic Press, 486pp.

Other Excellent Sources

· Cockcroft, V.G., A.C. Dekock, D.A. Lord, and G.J.B. Ross. 1989. Organochlorines in bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, from the east coast of South Africa. South African Journal of Marine Science 8:207-217.

· Cranford, T.W., M. Amundin, and K.S. Norris. 1996. Functional morphology and homology in the odontocete nasal complex: Implications for sound generation. Journal of Morphology 228:223-285.

· Curry, B.E., and J. Smith. 1997. Phylogeographic structure of the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus): Stock identification and implications for management. Pp. 227-247. IN: A.E. Dizon, S.J. Chivers, W.F. Perrin (eds.), Molecular Genetics of Marine Mammals, Special Publication No. 3, Society for Marine Mammalogy, Lawrence, KS. 388pp.

· DeMaster, D.P., and J. K. Drevenak. 1988. Survivorship patterns in three species of captive cetaceans. Marine Mammal Science 4(4):297-311.

· LeDuc, R.G., W.F. Perrin, and A.E. Dizon. 1999. Phylogenetic relationships among delphinid cetaceans based on full cytochrome B sequences. Marine Mammal Science 15(3):619-648.

· Pryor, K., and K.S. Norris. 1991. Dolphin Societies. Discoveries and Puzzles. University of California Press, 397pp.

· Read, A.J., R.S. Wells, A.A. Hohn, and M.D. Scott. 1993. Patterns of growth in wild bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus. Journal of Zoology, 231:107-123.

· Reeves, R.R., and J.G. Mead. 1999. Marine mammals in captivity. Pp. 412-436. IN: J.R. Twiss, Jr., and R.R. Reeves (eds.), Conservation and Management of Marine Mammals, Smithsonian Institution Press, 471pp.

· Ridgway, S.H., B.L. Scronce, and J. Kanwisher. 1969. Respiration and deep diving in the bottlenose porpoise. Science 166:1651-1654.

· Rommel, S.A., D.A. Pabst, and W.A. McLellan. 1998. Reproductive thermoregulation in marine mammals. American Scientist 86:440-448.

· Sayigh, L.S., P.L. Tyack, R.S. Wells, A.R. Solow, M.D. Scott, and A.B. Irvine. 1999. Individual recognition in wild bottlenose dolphins: a field test using playback experiments. Animal Behaviour 57:41-50.

· Schusterman, R.J., J.A. Thomas, and F.G. Wood (eds.). 1986. Dolphin Cognition and Behavior: A Comparative Approach. Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc., 393pp.

· Shane, S.H., R.S. Wells, and B. Wursig. 1986. Ecology, behavior, and social organization of the bottlenose dolphin: a review. Marine Mammal Science 2(1):34-63.

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