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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is mockingbirds.


Six Superlative Sources

· Doughty, Robin W. 1988. The Mockingbird. University of Texas Press.

· Sibley, Charles G. and Jon E. Alquist. 1984. The Relationships of Starlings (Sturnidae:Sturnini) and the Mockingbirds (Sturnidae:Mimini). Auk 101:230-243.

· Michener, Harold and Josephine R. Michener. 1935. Mockingbirds, Their Territories and Individualities. Condor 37:3, 97-140.

· Selander, R. K. and D. K. Hunter. 1960. On the Functions of Wing-Flashing in Mockingbirds. Wilson Bulletin 72:1, 341-357.

· Laskey, Amelia R. 1962. Breeding Biology of Mockingbirds. Auk 79:4, 596-606.

· Lewin, Roger. 1987. Mockingbird Song Aimed at Mates, not Rivals. Science 236. June 19, p. 1521.

Other Excellent Sources

· Breitwisch, Randall. 1988. Sex Differences in Defense of Eggs and Nestlings by Northern Mockingbirds. Animal Behaviour 36. Feb., 62-73.

· Logan, Cheryl A. 1990. Song Playback Initiates Nest Building During Clutch Overlap in Mockingbirds. Mimus polyglottos. Animal Behaviour 39. May, 943-954.

· Castellanos, Aradit. 1993. Current Status of Socorro Mockingbird. Wilson Bulletin. 105. March, 167-172.

· Shankle, George E. 1934. State Names, Flags, Songs, Birds, Flowers, and Other Symbols. Wilson.

· Long, John L. 1981. Introduced Birds of the World. Universe.

· Harteshorne, Charles A. 1968. Born to Sing. Indiana University Press.

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