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Population Control

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is overpopulation.


Six Superlative Sources

· Hardin, Garrett. "The Tragedy of the Commons," Science 162 (1968): 1244-48.

· Hardin, Garrett. "Living on a Lifeboat," Bioscience 24 (1974): 561-68. Variously reprinted as "Lifeboat Ethics."

· Ehrlich, Paul R., and Anne H. Ehrlich. The Population Explosion (Touchstone, 1991).

· Brown, Lester R., Gary Gardner, Brian Halweil, and Linda Starke. Sixteen Dimensions of the Population Problem (Worldwatch Institute, 1998).

· Meadows, Donella H., Jorgen Randers, and Dennis L. Meadows. Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2004).

· United Nations Population Fund.

Other Excellent Sources

· VanDeVeer, Donald. "Interspecies Justice," Inquiry 22 (1979): 55-70.

· Kane, Peggy. The Second Billion: Population and Family Planning in China (Penguin, 1987).

· Tuan, Chi-Hsien. "The Planned Birth Policies in China," in Fertility Policies of Asian Countries (Sage, 1989), K. Mahadevan, ed., pp. 53-98.

· Sen, Amartya. "Population: Delusion and Reality," New York Review of Books 41 (15) (September 22, 1994): 62-71; reprinted in The Nine Lives of Population Control (Ethics and Public Policy Center, 1995), Michael Cromartie, ed., pp. 101-27.

· Schonfeld, Martin. "Population Growth and the Preservation of Wilderness," Journal of Social Philosophy 31 (2001): 414-28.

· Ehrlich, Paul R. The Population Bomb (Sierra Club and Ballantine, 1968; Buccaneer Books, 1995).

· Worldwatch Institute: Population.

· United Nations Population Information Network.

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