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Archaeology -- Andean South America

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is South American archaeology.


Six Superlative Sources

· Burger, Richard L. 1989. An Overview of Peruvian Archaeology (1976-1986). Annual Review of Anthropology 18:37-69.

· Keatinge, Richard W. (ed.). 1988. Peruvian Prehistory. Cambridge University Press.

· Lumbreras, Luis G. 1974. The Peoples and Cultures of Ancient Peru. Smithsonian Institution Press.

· Moseley, Michael E. 1992. The Incas and Their Ancestors: The Archaeology of Peru. Thames and Hudson.

· Rostworowski de Diez Canseco, Maria. 1999. History of the Inca Realm, translated by Harry B. Iceland. Cambridge University Press.

· Steward, Julian H. (ed.). 1963. Handbook of South American Indians. Vol 2, The Andean Civilizations. Cooper Square Publishers.

Other Excellent Sources

· Allen, Catherine. 1988. The Hold Life Has: Coca and Cultural Identity in an Andean Community. Smithsonian Institution Press.

· Bauer, Brian. 1992. The Development of the Inca State. University of Texas Press.

· Donnan, Christopher. 1992. Ceramics of Ancient Peru. Fowler Museum.

· Kosok, Paul. 1965. Life, Land and Water in Ancient Peru. Long Island University Press.

· Oliver-Smith, Anthony. 1986. The Martyred City: Death and Rebirth in the Andes. University of New Mexico Press.

· Saloman, Frank, and George L. Urioste. 1990. The Huarochiri Manuscript: A Testament of Ancient and Colonial Andean Religion. University of Texas Press.

· Stanish, Charles. 1992. Ancient Andean Political Economy. University of Texas Press.

· Stone-Miller, Rebecca. 1995. Art of the Andes: From Chavin to Inca. Thames Hudson.

· Vega, Garcilaso de la. 1987. Royal Commentaries of the Incas and General History of Peru (1604), translated by H. V. Livermore. Austin: University of Texas Press.

· Willey, Gordon. 1971. An Introduction to American Archaeology, Vol 2: South America. Prentice Hall.

· Urton, Gary. 1981. At the Crossroads of the Earth and the Sky. University of Texas Press.

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