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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is pastures and rangeland.


Six Superlative Sources

· Scoones, Ian. 1994. Living with Uncertainty: New Directions for Pastoral Development in Africa. International Institute for Environment and Development.

· Clutton-Brock, Juliet, ed. 1989. The Walking Larder: Patterns of Domestication, Pastoralism, and Predation. Unwin Hyman.

· Galaty, John G., and Douglas L. Johnson, eds. 1990. The World of Pastoralism: Herding Systems in Comparative Perspective. Guilford Press.

· Niamir-Fuller, Maryam, ed. 1999. Managing Mobility in African Rangelands: The Legitimization of Transhumance. Intermediate Technology Publications.

· Sandford, Stephen. 1983. Management of Pastoral Development in the Third World. Overseas Development Institute.

· Starrs, Paul F. 1998. Let the Cowboy Ride: Cattle Ranching in the American West. Johns Hopkins University Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Aitken, Robert. 1945. Routes of transhumance on the Spanish Meseta. The Geographical Journal 56, no. 1 and 2: 59-69.

· Behnke, R.H., and I. Scoones. 1991. Rethinking Range Ecology: Implications for Rangeland Management in Africa: Overview of Paper Presentations and Discussions at the Technical Meeting on Savanna Development and Pasture Production, 19-21 November 1990, Woburn, UK. Commonwealth Secretariat.

· Bokonyi, S. 1976. Development of early stock rearing in the Near East. Nature 264, no. 5581: 19-23.

· Burcham, L.T. 1981. California Rangeland. Center for Archeological Research, Publication No. 7.

· Coppock, D.L., J.E. Ellis, and D.M. Swift. 1986. Livestock feeding ecology and resource utilization in a nomadic pastoral ecosystem. Journal of Applied Ecology 23, no. 2: 573-84.

· Ellis, James E., and David M. Swift. 1988. Stability of African pastoral ecosystems: alternative paradigms and implications for development. Journal of Range Management 41, no. 6: 450-59.

· Fernández-Giménez, María. 1993. The role of ecological perception in indigenous resource management: a case study from the Mongolian forest-steppe. Nomadic Peoples 33: 31-46.

· Gómez-Ibáñez, Daniel A. 1977. Energy, economics, and the decline of transhumance. Geographical Review 67, no. 3: 284-98.

· Huntsinger, Lynn, and P. Hopkinson. 1996. Sustaining rangeland landscapes: a social and ecological process. Journal of Range Management 49: 167-73.

· Ingold, Tim. 1980. Hunters, Pastoralists, and Ranchers: Reindeer Economies and Their Transformations. Cambridge Studies in Social Anthropology, No. 28. Cambridge University Press.

· Khazanov, A.M. 1984. Nomads and the Outside World. Cambridge Studies in Social Anthropology, No. 44. Cambridge University Press.

· Liffmann, R., L. Huntsinger, and L. Forero. 2000. To ranch or not to ranch: home on the urban range? Journal of Range Management 53, no. 4: 362-70.

· Perevolotsky, A., and N.G. Seligman. 1998. Role of grazing in Mediterranean rangeland ecosystems -- inversion of a paradigm. Bioscience 48, no. 12: 1007-17.

· Rinschede, Gisbert. 1984. Die Wanderviehwirtschaft im gebirgigen Western der USA und ihre Auswirkungen im Naturraum. Schriftenreihe der Katholischen Universität Eichstätt.

· Roe, Emery, Lynn Huntsinger, and Keith Labnow. 1998. High reliability pastoralism. Journal of Arid Environments 39: 39-55.

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