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Computer Chip -- Interconnect Technology

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is computer chip technology.


Six Superlative Sources

· "Opportunities for Gigascale Integration," J.D. Meindl, Solid State Technology, December 1987, p. 85

· "Multilevel Interconnections for VLSI and GSI Era," S.P. Murarka, Materials Science and Engineering, R19 (3-4), p. 87 (1997)

· "Thermal Stablility of On-Chip Interconnect Structures," R.J. Gutmann, et al., Thin Solid Films, 262, 177 (1995)

· "Intergration of Copper Multi-Level Interconnects with Oxide and Polymer Interlevel Dielectrics," R.J. Gutmann, et al., Thin Solid Films, 270, 472 (1995)

· "Use of Advantageous Impurity Effects in Metallization," S.P. Murarka, MRS Symposium Procedures, 405, 485 (1995)

· "Advanced Materials for Future Interconnections -- Need and Stategy," S.P. Murarka, Microelectronics Engineering, 37/37, 29 (1997)

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