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Auctions -- Economic Theory

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is auctions.


Six Superlative Sources

· Kagel, J.H. 1995. "Auctions: A Survey of Experimental Research," in J.H. Kagel and A.E. Roth (eds), The Handbook of Experimental Economics. Princeton University Press.

· McAfee, R.P., and J. McMillan. 1987. "Auctions and Bidding," Journal of Economic Literature, 25:699-738.

· Meyersen, Roger B. 1981. "Optimal Auction Design," Mathematics of Operations Research, 6:58-73.

· Milgrom, P., and R.J. Weber. 1982. "A Theory of Auctions and Competitive Bidding," Econometrica, 50:1485-527.

· Vickrey, William. 1961. "Counterspeculation, Auctions, and Competitive Sealed Tenders," Journal of Finance, 16:8-37.

· Wilson, Robert. 1992. "Strategic Analysis of Auctions," in R.J. Aumann and S. Hart, Handbook of Game Theory with Economic Applications, Vol. 1. Elsevier Science Publishers.

Other Excellent Sources

· Klemperer, P. (ed). 2000. The Economic Theory of Auctions, Vols. 1 and 2, Northampton, MA: E. Elgar Publishing. A collection of important papers brought together into one source, including Auction Theory: A Guide to the Literature.

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