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Computer Architecture

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is computer design.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bell, G.C., and A. Newell, eds., 1971: Computer Structures: Readings and Examples. McGraw-Hill.

· Blaauw, G.A., and F.P. Brooks, Jr., 1997: Computer Architecture: Concepts and Evolution. Addison-Wesley.

· Burks, A.W., H.H. Goldstine, and J. von Neumann, 1946: "Preliminary Discussion of the Logical Design of an Electronic Computing Instrument." Report to the U.S. Army Ordinance Department. Also in A.H. Taub, ed., 1963: Collected Works of John von Neumann. Macmillan, 5: 34-79. Reprinted in Bell and Newell, 1971, above: 21-119.

· Hennessy, J., and D.A. Patterson, 1990: Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach. Morgan Kaufmann.

· Fuller, S.H., and W.E. Burr, 1977: "Measurement and Evaluation of Alternative Computer Architectures." Computer, 10, 10: 24-35.

· Sites, R.L., 1993: "The Alpha AXP Architecture." Communications of the ACM, 36, 2 (Feb): 33-44.

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