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Travel -- Vanuatu

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is visiting the Pacific Island country of Vanuatu.


Six Superlative Sources

· Honeymoon Vanuatu. A romantic vacation guide to honeymoons and weddings in Vanuatu, with advice about resorts, attractions, dining, and getting around.

· Vanuatu: A Canadian's Perspective. Stan Combs explores the "Hidden Vanuatu" not often experienced by casual visitors. Packed with interesting asides about rural areas, pidgin English, local customs, aid donors, and kava, these pages are the perfect antidote to the hype of the conventional tourism sites.

· Vanuatu A-Z Visitors Guide. It's great fun to browse the alphabetical listings on this "small guide to a tropical paradise." The quirky, personal observations, little known facts, and brilliant design make it unique.

· Vanuatu Hotels. An online booking service with good coverage of accommodations, tours, activities, transportation, restaurants, and shopping in Vanuatu.

· Vanuatu National Tourism Office. Vanuatu's official tourism website with complete listings of activities, scuba diving, accommodations, food, shopping, events, transportation, tours, and yacht charters.

· Vanuatu Travel Guide. A mini travel guide to Vanuatu, adventure-travel heart of Melanesia.

Other Excellent Sources

· Adventure Centre Vanuatu. Adventure Centre Tours is an inbound operator in Vanuatu with information about hotels, diving, fishing, and activities, plus land, sea and air tours around Vanuatu. There's a calendar of events and details of the Sailaway Cruise.

· Air Vanuatu. The country's national airline, Air Vanuatu, flies to the capital, Port Vila, from Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand, and the Solomon Islands.

· Aquamarine Dive Shop. Learn about diving on the USS President Coolidge, a prewar luxury liner sunk by a "friendly" American mine in Segond Channel off Espiritu Santo on October 26, 1942. Nearly all of the more than 5,000 officers and men on board were saved.

· Bonnemaison, Joel, Kirk Huffman, Christian Kaufmann, and Darrell Tryon. Arts of Vanuatu. University of Hawaii Press, 1997. This book goes far beyond the visual arts reflected in the title to present a complete anthropological picture of the country. Some 383 illustrations accompany the text.

· Breaka's Beach Resort. Situated on a sweeping white sandy beach, Breaka's is the latest boutique resort to open in Vanuatu. There's excellent surfing just offshore.

· British Friends of Vanuatu. An association of people who have lived, worked, or traveled in Vanuatu. The site outlines their educational projects and events.

· Cruising Guide to Vanuatu. A rich resource for cruising yachties, with a weather analysis center and sailing information around Vanuatu.

· Jon Frum Home Page. This site tells you everything you ever wanted to know about this active cargo cult. For over sixty years, the people of Tanna have waited patiently for John from America, who promised to return bearing wonderful gifts. Christians who scoff at these "primitive" islanders should bear in mind that they have been waiting much longer for the return of their Savior.

· Lonnoc Beach Bungalows. On the northern island of Espiritu Santo, this small resort is just a 10-minute walk from Champagne Beach, Vanuatu's finest.

· Loru Protected Area. The Vanuatu Protected Areas Initiative works in partnership with a village-based conservation project on Espiritu Santo. Visitors to Loru have the chance to hike through an untouched rainforest with local guides who introduce the flora and fauna. It's even possible to camp in the reserve or sleep in a hammock on a tropical beach.

· Map of Vanuatu. A map of the Y-shaped Vanuatu island chain, from Map South Pacific.

· Moores Rowland (Vanuatu) Ltd. Information about the Vanuatu tax haven, investment opportunities, and residence in Vanuatu.

· Tradewinds Resort. This bungalow complex offers comfortable self-catering studio accommodations between the Erakor Lagoon and Port Vila.

· TransPacific Property Consultants. Vanuatu is the South Pacific's oldest and best established tax haven. This no-nonsense site explains how investors can obtain permanent residence in this tax-free paradise.

· Vanuatu Resorts Pacific. A Vanuatu travel accommodation and resort guide with maps and information about Vanuatu vacations, honeymoon resorts, and hotels.

· Vanuatu Scuba Diving. A searchable Vanuatu directory of dive resorts and dive operators.

· Portal. Provides a local weather report, exchange rates, a searchable telephone directory, tide tables, flight schedules, news reports, tourism listings, local cinema offerings, a chat room, and a forum.

· Wan Smol Bag Theatre. This authentic community theater presents plays about environmental, health, social, and human rights. With only one small bag to carry a few costumes, the troupe travels to the most remote villages bringing the issues of the day to the people. Videos of the performances can be ordered through the site.

· Worawia Holiday Haven. Venue for the weekly Melanesian feasts, this small beach resort just outside Port Vila is designed in a traditional style while providing modern facilities.

· Yachting World. Yachting World next to the Waterfront Bar and Grill is the cruising sailor's home base in Vanuatu.

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