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Economics of Teen Childbearing

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the economics of teen childbearing.


Six Superlative Sources

· Rebecca Maynard (ed.). 1996. Kids Having Kids. The Urban Institute Press.

· Saul D.Hoffman, E. Michael Foster, and Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr. 1993. "Re-Evaluating The Costs of Teenage Childbearing." Demography, 30(1), 1-13.

· Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr., J. Brooks-Gunn, and S. Philip Morgan. 1987. Adolescent Mothers in Later Life. Cambridge University Press.

· Greg J.Duncan and Saul D. Hoffman. 1990. "Economic Opportunities, Welfare Benefits, and Out-of-Wedlock Births among Black Teenage Girls." Demography, 27, 519-535.

· Saul D. Hoffman. 1998. "Teen Childbearing Isn't So Bad after All...Or Is It? A Review of the New Literature on the Consequences of Teen Childbearing." Family Planning Perspectives, 30(5), 236-239.

· Sandra L. Hofferth and Cheryl D. Hayes (eds.). 1987. Risking the Future: Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy, and Childbearing. National Academy Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Mary Corcoran and James Kunz. 1997. "Do Unmarried Births among African-American Teens Lead to Adult Poverty?" Social Service Review, 71(2), 274-287.

· Greg J. Duncan and Saul D. Hoffman. 1990. "Teenage Welfare Receipt and Subsequent Dependence among Black Adolescent Mothers." Family Planning Perspectives, 22(1), 16-20.

· Arline T. Geronimus and Sanders Korenman. 1992. "The Socioeconomic Consequences of Teen Childbearing Reconsidered." Quarterly Journal of Economics, 107, 1187-1214.

· Jeff Grogger and Stephen G. Bronars. 1993. "The Socioeconomic Consequences of Teenage Childbearing: Findings from a Natural Experiment." Family Planning Perspectives, 25(4), 156-161.

· Daniel Klepinger, Shelley Lundberg, and Robert Plotnick. 1999. "How Does Adolescent Fertility Affect the Human Capital and Wages of Young Women?" Journal of Human Resources, 34, 421-448.

· Robert A. Moffitt. 1995. "The Effect of the Welfare System on Non-Marital Childbearing" in Report to Congress on Out-of-Wedlock Childbearing, National Center for Health Statistics, U.S. Government Printing Office.

· Mark R. Rosenzweig. 1999. "Welfare, Marital Prospects, and Non-Marital Childbearing." Journal of Political Economy, 197(6), Part 2, 3-32.

· Herbert L. Smith, S. Phillip Morgan and Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox. 1996. "A Decomposition of Trends in the Nonmarital Fertility Ratios of Blacks and Whites in the United States, 1960-1992. Demography, 33(2), 141-151.

· National Center for Health Statistics

· Facts at a Glance, Child Trends

· Child Trends Databank: Sexual Activity and Teen Childbearing.

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