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Dilthey, Wilhelm (1833-1911)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Wilhelm Dilthey.


Six Superlative Sources

· Makkreel, R.A. "Wilhelm Dilthey." In Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (1998). Vol. 3: 77-83.

· de Mul, J. "Dilthey's Narrative Model of Human Development: Necessary Reconsiderations after the Philosophical Hermeneutics of Heidegger and Gadamer." Man and World, 24 (1991): 409-26.

· Ermarth, M. Wilhelm Dilthey: The Critique of Historical Reason. University of Chicago Press, 1978.

· Jalbert, J.E. "Husserl's Position between Dilthey and the Windelband-Rickert School of Neo-Kantianism." Journal of the History of Philosophy, 26 (1988): 279-96.

· Makkreel, R.A. Dilthey: Philosopher of the Human Studies. 2nd ed. Princeton University Press, 1992.

· Owensby, J. Dilthey and the Narrative of History. Cornell University Press, 1994.

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