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The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is visiting and enjoying the Samoa Islands.


Six Superlative Sources

· Samoa A to Z. A thumbnail guide to Samoa, Savaii, Upolu and Apia, along with some quirky, personal observations.

· Samoa Beaches. Resort information and photos of Samoan beaches, accessible via a clickable map.

· Samoa Hotel. Photos, information, and prices for accommodations all around Samoa.

· Samoa Hotel Association. Provides detailed listings of resorts, motels, hotels, hostels, and bed and breakfasts on Upolu and Savai'i.

· Samoa Tourism Authority. The official tourism website of the "Treasured Islands of the South Pacific," with sections titled "About Samoa," "Useful Information," "Things to See," "Things to Do," "Accommodation," and "Transport."

· Samoa Travel Guide. Excerpts from Moon Handbooks South Pacific, the original travel guide to Polynesia and Melanesia.

Other Excellent Sources

· 1848 Princess Tui Inn. This bed and breakfast facing Apia's Vaiala Beach has one of Samoa's most attractive websites.

· Aggie Grey's Hotel. Samoa's top hotel dates back to 1942 when Aggie Grey opened a hamburger stand catering to homesick American GIs. Later James A. Mitchener used Aggie as the prototype for Bloody Mary in his "Tales of the South Pacific," which inspired the long-running Broadway musical "South Pacific."

· Bermann, Richard A. Home from the Sea: Robert Louis Stevenson in Samoa. Mutual Publishing, 1988. A reprint of the 1939 narrative of Robert Louis Stevenson's final years in Samoa.

· Bier, James A. Islands of Samoa. University of Hawaii Press, 1990. A most useful, indexed, reference map of Tutuila, Manu'a, Upolu, and Savai'i.

· Coconuts Beach Club. A pair of escapist Hollywood lawyers run this popular resort on Upolu's south shore.

· Figiel, Sia. Where We Once Belonged. Pasifika Press, 1996; Kaya Press, 2000. An acclaimed first novel by a female storyteller, recounting the experience of growing up in a Samoan village. Sex, violence, and the struggle for a personal identity appear in an island setting.

· Figiel, Sia. The Girl in the Moon Circle. Institute of Pacific Studies, 1996. Figiel's second novel deals with Samoan life as seen through the eyes of a 10-year-old girl.

· Island Explorer. Sea kayaking and snorkeling are the specialties here. You explore tiny offshore islands, mangrove forests, and sea turtle sanctuaries.

· Map of Samoa. View a map of Samoa with travel information and vacation planning tips.

· Polynesian Airlines. Samoa's national carrier brings visitors to the heart of Polynesia from Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

· Salani Surf Resort. The site of one of Samoa's two top surfing resorts, with adrenaline-charged photos of some pretty fabulous waves.

· Samoa Accommodation and Resorts Directory. A searchable index of places to stay in Samoa.

· Samoa Backpacking and Travel Directory. Listings of budget resorts, hotels, homestays, and cottages.

· Samoa Experience. The site of three of Samoa's finest budget eco-resorts, two on the beach and one in the capital city.

· Samoa Honeymoon and Resorts Directory. A searchable directory of Samoan honeymoon resorts.

· Samoa Islands Hotels and Picture Tours. Interactive travel maps of Samoa showing the location of hotels on Apia, Upolu, and Savai'i with pictures of beaches and scenery.

· Samoa Islands Pictures. Photos of holidays, culture, adventure, and beaches, plus a Samoa vacation guide.

· Samoa Live. Samoa's community website with loads of links and a family of message boards wildly popular among Samoans around the world.

· Samoa Meteorology Division. This is the ideal place to get a feel for the weather conditions you'll encounter on your trip.

· Samoa Resorts Pacific. The clickable maps allow you to access photos and information about resorts throughout Samoa.

· Samoan Holiday. Your guide to Samoa and American Samoa with travel information, photos, and maps.

· Samoan Outrigger Hotel. A popular budget hotel in a renovated colonial building on Apia's Cross Island Highway.

· Sa'Moana Resort. This outstanding surfing resort on a white sandy beach also offers sport fishing.

· Sinalei Reef Resort. The alluring site of one of Samoa's top international beach resorts.

· Virgin Cove Resort. Virgin Cove is one of Samoa's hidden jewels, a low-budget eco-resort on a splendid white sand beach.

· Wendt, Albert. Pouliuli. Longman Paul, 1977. This is probably Wendt's finest novel, masterfully depicting the complex values and manipulative nature of Samoan society. No other book explains more about Samoa today. It's well worth a read before you go.

· Wendt, Albert. Sons for the Return Home. Longman Paul, 1973. The story of a Samoan youth brought up amid discrimination in New Zealand, yet unable to readjust to the cultural values of his native land.

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