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The following sources are recommended by a professor emeritus whose research specialty is the origin of life.


Six Superlative Sources

· Broom, R. (1933) The Coming of Man. H.F. and G. Witherby.

· Goldschmidt, R.B. (1940) The Material Basis of Evolution. Yale University Press.

· Berg, L. (1969) Nomogenesis; or, Evolution Determined by Law. M.I.T. Press. (Original Russian edition 1922.)

· Grassé, P. (1977) Evolution of Living Organisms: Evidence for a New Theory of Transformation. Academic Press. (Original French edition 1973.)

· Schindewolf, O. (1993) Basic questions in paleontology. University of Chicago Press, (Original German edition 1950.)

· Davison, J. (2000) An Evolutionary Manifesto: A New Hypothesis for Organic Change.

Other Excellent Sources

· Andrews, P. (1987) Aspects of hominid phylogeny. In: Colin Patterson (ed.), Molecules and Morphology in Evolution. Conflict or Compromise? Cambridge University Press.

· Bateson, W. (1894) Materials for the Study of Variation. Macmillan and Co.

· Bateson, W. (1913) Problems of Genetics. Yale University Press.

· Broom, R. (1932) Evolution as the paleontologist sees it. South African Journal of Science, 29: 54-71.

· Broom, R. (1933) Evolution -- Is there intelligence behind it? South African Journal of Science, 30: 1-19.

· Broom, R. (1951) Finding the Missing Link. Watts.

· Bull, J.J. (1983) Evolution of Sex Determining Mechanisms. Benjamin Cummings.

· Burbank, L. (1939) Partner of Nature. D. Appleton-Century Co..

· Cleveland, L.R. (1947) The origin and evolution of meiosis. Science, 105: 287-289.

· Darwin, C. (1896) The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. D. Appleton.

· Davison, J.A. (1961) A study of spotting patterns in the leopard frog. 1. Effect of gene dosage. J. Heredity, 52: 301-304.

· Davison, J.A. (1984) Semi-meiosis as an evolutionary mechanism. J. Theor. Biol., 111: 725-735.

· Davison, J.A. (1987) Semi-meiosis and evolution: a response. J. Theor. Biol., 126: 379-381.

· Davison, J.A. (1993) The blind alley: Its significance for evolutionary theory. Rivista di Biologia (Biology Forum), 86: 101-110.

· Davison, J.A. (1998) Evolution as a self-limiting process. Rivista di Biologia (Biology Forum), 91: 199-220.

· Dawkins, R. (1976) The Selfish Gene. Oxford University Press.

· Dawkins, R. (1986) The Blind Watchmaker. W.W. Norton.

· Dawkins, R. (1996) Climbing Mount Improbable. W.W. Norton.

· Dunn, L.C. (1965) A Short History of Genetics: The Development of Some of the Main Lines of Thought, 1864-1939. McGraw-Hill.

· Feynman, R.P. (1998) The Meaning of It All: Thoughts of a Citizen Scientist. Addison-Wesley.

· Gould, S.J. (1996) Full House: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin. Harmony Books.

· Grant, P.R., and Grant, B.R. (1994) Phenotypic and genetic effects of hybridization in Darwin's finches. Evolution, 48: 297-316.

· Huxley, J. (1942) Evolution: The Modern Synthesis. Harper.

· Koestler, A. (1971) The Case of the Midwife Toad. Random House.

· Lindsley, D.L., Fankhauser, G., and Humphrey, R.R. (1956) Mapping centromeres in the axolotl. Genetics, 41: 38-64.

· Mayr, E. (1982) The Growth of Biological Thought. Harvard University Press.

· Nace, G.W., and Richards, C.M. (1969) Development of biologically defined strains of amphibians. In: Merle Mizell (ed.), Biology of Amphibian Tumors. Springer-Verlag.

· Nieuwkoop, P.D., and Sutasurya, L.A. (1979) Primordial Germ Cells in the Chordates. Cambridge University Press.

· Olsen, M.W. (1961) Segregation and replication of chromosomes in turkey parthenogenesis. Nature, 212: 435-436.

· Petrunkevitch, A. (1952) Macroevolution and the fossil record of Arachnida. Amer. Sci., 40: 99-122.

· Punnett, R.C. (1915) Mimicry in Butterflies. University Press.

· Sharp, R.G. (1914) Diplodinium ecaudatum, with an account of its neuromotor apparatus. University of California Publications in Zoology, 13: 43-123.

· Vorontsov, N.N. (1973) The evolution of the sex chromosomes. In: A.B. Chiarelli and E. Capanna (eds.), Cytotaxonomy and Vertebrate Evolution. Academic Press.

· Wallace, A.R. (1911) The World of Life; A Manifestation of Creative Power, Directive Mind and Ultimate Purpose. Moffat Yard and Co.

· Weismann, A. (1891) Essays upon Heredity and Kindred Biological Problems. Clarendon Press.

· White, M.J.D. (1973) Animal Cytology and Evolution. Comstock Publ. Co.

· Wilson, E.B. (1925) The Cell in Development and Heredity. Macmillan.

· Winge, O. (1950) Inheritance in Dogs: with Special Reference to Hunting Breeds. Comstock Publ. Co.

· Witschi, E. (1956) Development of Vertebrates. W.B. Saunders.

· Yunis, J.J., and Prakash, O. (1982) The origin of man: A chromosomal pictorial legacy. Science, 215: 1525-1530.

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