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Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonate) Biology

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is dragonflies and damselflies.


Six Superlative Sources

· Corbet, P.S. 1999. Dragonflies: Behavior and Ecology of Odonata. Cornell University Press.

· Needham, J.G., M.J. Westfall, Jr., and M.L. May. 2000. Dragonflies of North America. Scientific Publishers.

· Westfall, M.J., Jr., and M.L. May. 1996. Damselflies of North America. Scientific Publishers.

· Johnson, D.M., T.H. Martin, M. Mahato, L.B. Crowder, and P.H. Crowley. 1995. Predation, density dependence, and life histories of dragonflies: A field experiment in a freshwater community. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 14:547-562.

· McPeek, M.A. 1998. The consequences of changing the top predator in a food web: A comparative experimental approach. Ecological Monographs 68:1-23.

· McPeek, M.A., and J.M. Brown. 2000. Building a regional species pool: Diversification of the Enallagma damselflies in eastern North American waters. Ecology 81:904-920.

Other Excellent Sources

· Anholt, B.R. 1990. An experimental separation of interference and exploitative competition in a larval damselfly. Ecology 71:1483-1493.

· Benke, A.C. 1978. Interactions among coexisting predators -- a field experiment with dragonfly larvae. Journal of Animal Ecology 47:335-350.

· Crowder, L.B., and W.E. Cooper. 1982. Habitat structural complexity and the interaction between bluegills and their prey. Ecology 63:1802-1813.

· Johnson, D.M., and P.H. Crowley. 1980. Habitat and seasonal segregation among coexisting odonate larvae. Odonatologica 9:297-308.

· Morin, P.J. 1984. Odonate guild composition: Experiments with colonization history and fish predation. Ecology 65:1866-1873.

· Morin, P.J. 1984. The impact of fish exclusion on the abundance and species composition of larval odonates: results of short-term experiments in a North Carolina farm pond. Ecology 65:53-60.

· Van Buskirk, J. 1988. Interactive effects of dragonfly predation in experimental pond communities. Ecology 69:857-867.

· Van Buskirk, J. 1989. Density-dependent cannibalism in larval dragonflies. Ecology 70:1442-1449.

· Van Buskirk, J. 1992. Competition, cannibalism, and size class dominance in a dragonfly. Oikos 65:455-464.

· Van Buskirk, J. 1993. Population consequences of larval crowding in the dragonfly Aeshna juncea. Ecology 74:1950-1958.

· Wissinger, S.A., and J. McGrady. 1993. Intraguild predation and competition between larval dragonflies: Direct and indirect effects on shared prey. Ecology 74:207-218.

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   Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonate) Biology
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