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The following sources are recommended by a professor emeritus whose research specialty is the telegraph.


Six Superlative Sources

· The Tom Perera W1TP Telegraph and Scientific Instrument Museums. or

· Telegraph Lore.

· The Sparks Telegraph Key Review.

· The Randy Cole KN6W Vibroplex Collector's Page.

· Artifax Books. Telegraph books, telegraph instruments, antiquarian and used technical books, and collectible iems.

· The Morse Telegraph Club.

Other Excellent Sources

-- ONLINE --

· The Antique Wireless Association.

· The Canadian Railway Telegraph History Website.

· The Glass Insulators Reference Site. Insulator Collectors on the Net (ICON).

· Invention of the Telegraph. The Historic Speedwell Museum.

· The Lynn Burlingame Telegraph Page.

· Milestone Technologies Retail Telegraph Keys.

· The New Jersey Antique Radio Club.

· Optical Telegraphy. Pauli Kruhse.

· The Peter J. Malvasi W2PM Museum of Telegraph and Wireless Instruments.

· The Porthcurno Telegraph Museum.

· The Tannenbaum Catalog of Old Radio Manuals, Radios, and Parts.

· The Telegraph, Insulator, Telegram and Mining Collector and Information Site.

· The Vibroplex Company.

· The Western Union Telegraph Company Archives at the Smithsonian Institution.


· The Lynn Burlingame N7CFO Keyletter Newsletter Pages.

· The Old Timer's Bulletin. Official journal of the Antique Wireless Association.

· The A.W.A. Review. Scientific periodical of the Antique Wireless Association.

· The Vail Correspondent: Index and Back Issues. Publication suspended in 1998.

· Morsum Magnificat: The Morse Magazine. This excellent journal is no longer being published but back issues may be available on eBay.


· Brown, J.W. (1896). The Signal Corps, USA, in the War of the Rebellion. U.S. Veteran Signal Corps Association; (1974 reprint) Arno Press; (1996 reprint) Walter F. Mathers.

· Coe, L. (1993). The Telegraph. McFarland.

· French, T. (1990). Introduction to Key Collecting. Artifax Books.

· French, T. (1991). Bunnell's Last Catalog. Artifax Books.

· French, T. (1991). Railroad Telegrapher's Handbook. Artifax Books.

· French, T. (1991). MAC-KEY Handbook. Artifax Books.

· French, T. (1993). McElroy, World's Champion Telegrapher. Artifax Books.

· French, T. (1996). The Vibroplex Collector's Guide. Artifax Books.

· Harlow, A.F. (1936). Old Wires and New Waves: The History of the Telegraph, Telephone, and Wireless. D. Appleton-Century; (1971 reprint) Arno Press.

· Herbert, T.E. (1934). Telegraphy. Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons.

· Holly, W.R. (1990). The Vibroplex Co., 1890-1990. The Vibroplex Co.

· Ingram, D. (1991). Keys, Keys, Keys: A Visual Celebration of Amateur Radio's Favorite Accessory. CQ Communications.

· Ingram, D. (1994). Keys II: The Emporium; The World's Most Admired Keys, New and Old. CQ Communications.

· International Telecommunication Union (1965). From Semaphore to Satellite. ITU Centenary Celebration.

· Kaempffert, W. (1924). Modern Wonder Workers. Blue Ribbon Books.

· Marland, E.A. (1964). Early Electrical Communication. Abelard-Schuman.

· Maver, W. (1903, 1909, 1912). American Telegraphy and Encyclopedia of the Telegraph: Systems, Apparatus, Operation. Maver Publishing; (1997 reprint of the 1912 edition) Artifax Books.

· Meyer, F.I. (1902). Twentieth Century Manual of Railway and Commercial Telegraphy. Rand McNally.

· Moreau, L.R. (1987). The Story of the Key. The Best of "MM," Volume 1. First printed in Morsum Magnificat, Issues 6-11.

· Moreau, L.R. (1987). A Century of Telegraph Key Development. A.W.A. (Antique Wireless Association) Review, 2, 106-19.

· Moreau, L.R., and Willer, M.D. (1988). Foreign and Military Telegraph Keys. A.W.A. (Antique Wireless Association) Review, 3, 98-119.

· Nutting, L. (1993). J-Series Telegraph Keys of the U.S. Army Signal Corps. Self-published.

· Perera, T.B. (1998). Perera's Telegraph Collector's Guide: Second Edition. Artifax Books.

· Perera, T.B. (2000). The Telegraph Collectors Reference CD-2000. CD-ROM. Artifax Books.

· Perera, T.B. (2004). The Story of the ENIGMA: History, Technology, and Deciphering. CD-ROM. Artifax Books.

· Prescott, G.B. (1860). History, Theory, and Practice of the Electric Telegraph. Ticknor and Fields; (1972 reprint of the 1866 edition) Artifax Books.

· Ulsamer, G.H. (2001). Faszination Morsetasten. A German telegraph keys collector's guide. In German. Self-published.

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