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Education -- Single-Sex

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the effects of single-sex schooling.


Six Superlative Sources

· Rosemary C. Salomone. Same, Different, Equal: Rethinking Single-Sex Schooling (Yale University Press, 2000).

· Cornelius Riordan. Girls and Boys in School: Together or Separate? (Teachers College Press, 1990).

· Reginald R. Dale. Mixed or Single-Sex School? Vol. 1: A Research Study about Pupil Teacher Relationships; Vol. 2: Some Social Aspects; Vol. 3: Attainment, Attitudes and Overview (Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1969, 1971, 1974).

· David Tyack and Elizabeth Hansot. Learning Together: A History of Coeducation in American Public Schools (Russell Sage Foundation, 1992).

· Amanda Datnow and Lea Hubbard, eds. Gender in Policy and Practice: Perspectives on Single-Sex and Coeducational Schooling (RoutledgeFalmer, 2002).

· Morse, Susan, ed. Separated by Sex: A Critical Look at Single-Sex Education for Girls (American Association of University Women Educational Foundation, 1998).

Other Excellent Sources

· Michael Ruhlman. Boys Themselves: A Return to Single-Sex Education (Henry Holt, 1996).

· Janice L. Streitmatter. For Girls Only: Making a Case for Single-Sex Schooling (State University of New York Press, 1999).

· Pat Mahoney. Schools for the Boys? Co-Education Reassessed (Hutchinson, 1985).

· Herbert W. Marsh. "Public, Catholic Single-Sex, and Catholic Coeducational High Schools: Their Effects on Achievement, Affect, and Behaviors," American Journal of Education, 41 (1991): 320-56.

· Thomas Speilhofer, Lisa O'Donnell, Tom Benton, Sandie Schagen, and Ian Schagen. The Impact of School Size and Single-Sex Education on Performance (Local Government Association Report 33, National Foundation for Educational Research, 2002).

· M. Elizabeth Tidball, Daryl G. Smith, Charles S. Tidball, and Lisa E. Wolf-Wendel. Taking Women Seriously: Lessons and Legacies for Educating the Majority (Oryx, 1999).

· Fred A. Mael. "Single-Sex and Coeducational Schooling: Relationahips in Socio-Emotional and Academic Development," Review of Education Research, 68, no. 2 (Summer 1998): 101-29.

· Nancy Levit. "Separating Equals: The Educational Research and the Long-Term Consequences of Sex Segregation," George Washington Law Review, 67 (1999): 451-526.

· Jill Elaine Hasday. "The Principle and Practice of Women's 'Full Citizenship': A Case Study of Sex-Segregated Public Education," Michigan Law Review, 101 (2002): 755-810.

· Wendy Kaminer. "The Trouble with Single-Sex Schools," Atlantic Monthly, April 1998, 22-36.

· Rosemary C. Salomone. "Single-Sex Programs for At-Risk Students," Education Week, September 10, 2003, 44 and 34-5.

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