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Mycology -- Arctic and Alpine

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is fungal growth in cold climates.


Six Superlative Sources

· Cripps, CL, and Horak, E, 2002. Alpine Mycota, Rocky Mountains, USA.

· Petrini, O, and Laursen, GA, 1993. Arctic and Alpine Mycology 4, Proceedings of the Third and Fourth International Symposia on Arcto-Alpine Mycology. J. Cramer.

· Laursen, GA, Ammirati, JF, and Redhead, SA, 1987. Arctic and Alpine Mycology 2, Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Arcto-Alpine Mycology. Plenum Press.

· Gulden, G, and Jenssen, KM, 1988. Arctic and Alpine Fungi, Vol. 2. Soppkonsulenten.

· Senn-Irlet, B, Jenssen, KM, and Gulden, G, 1990. Arctic and Alpine Fungi, Vol. 3. Soppkonsultenten.

· Gardes, M, and Dahlberg, A, 1996. Mycorrhizal diversity in arctic and alpine tundra: An open question. New Phytol 133:147-157.

Other Excellent Sources

· Graf, F, 1994. Ecology and sociology of macromycetes in snowbeds with Salix herbacea L. in the alpine Valley of Radont (Grisons, Switzerland). Dissertationes Botanicae 235:1-142.

· Laursen, GA, and Ammirata, JF, 1982. Arctic and Alpine Mycology, Vol 1. University of Washington Press.

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