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Cities in the Developing World

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is cities of the third world.


Six Superlative Sources

· Brockerhoff, Martin, and Ellen Brennan. 1998. "The Poverty of Cities in Developing Regions," Population and Development Review 24: 75-114.

· Gugler, Josef (ed). 1996. The Urban Transformation of the Developing World. Oxford University Press.

· Gugler, Josef (ed). 1997. Cities in the Developing World: Issues, Theory, and Policy. Oxford University Press.

· Roberts, Bryan. 1995. The Making of Citizens: Cities of Peasants Revisited. Arnold.

· Sassen, Saskia. 2000 (1993). Cities in a World Economy. Second edition. Sociology for a New Century Series, Pine Forge Press.

· Stren, Richard (ed). 1994-95. Urban Research in the Developing World. 4 volumes. Centre for Urban and Community Studies, University of Toronto.

Other Excellent Sources

· Cohen, Michael A., Blair A. Ruble, Joseph S. Tulchin, and Allison M. Garland (eds). 1996. Preparing for the Urban Future: Global Pressures and Local Forces. Woodrow Wilson Center Special Studies Series, Woodrow Wilson Center Press.

· Gilbert, Alan, and Josef Gugler. 1992 (1982). Cities, Poverty, and Development: Urbanization in the Third World. Second edition. Oxford University Press.

· Gugler, Josef. 2000. "Cities of the South: A Multidisciplinary Field of Study Reaches Maturity," pages 2-30 in Urban Development in a Transnational Context, edited by Johannes Dragsbaek Schmidt and Katherine Gough. Development Research Series Occasional Papers 2, Research Center on Development and International Relations, Aalborg University.

· Knox, Paul L., and Peter J. Taylor (eds). 1995. World Cities in a World System. Cambridge University Press.

· Marcuse, Peter, and Ronald van Kempen (eds). 2000. Globalizing Cities: A New Spatial Order? Blackwell.

· Teng, Wenfang, and William L. Parish. 2000. Chinese Urban Life under Reform: The Changing Social Contract. Cambridge University Press.

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