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Evolution of Cooperation

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the evolution of cooperation.


Six Superlative Sources

· Hamilton, W. D. 1964. The genetical evolution of social behaviour, I and II. Journal of Theoretical Biology. 7: 1-52.

· Dawkins, R. 1976. The Selfish Gene. Oxford University Press. 1st ed.

· Axelrod, R. 1984. The Evolution of Cooperation. Basic Books.

· Ridley, M. 1996. The Origins of Virtue. Viking Books.

· Dugatkin, L. A. 1997. Cooperation among Animals: A Modern Perspective. Oxford University Press.

· Sober, E., and Wilson, D. S. 1998. Unto Others. Harvard University Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Alexander, R. D., Noonan, K. M., and Crespi, B. J. 1991. The evolution of eusociality. In: The Biology of the Naked Mole-Rat (Sherman, P., Jarvis J. U. M., and Alexander, R. D., eds.). University of Princeton Press, 3-44.

· Alexander, R. D., and Sherman, P. W. 1977. Local mate competition and parental investment in insects. Science: 494-499.

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· Sherman, P. W. 1977. Nepotism and the evolution of alarm calls. Science 197: 1246-1253.

· Sherman, P. W. 1980. The limits of ground squirrel nepotism. In: Sociobiology: beyond nature/nurture? (Barlow, G., and Silverberg, J., eds.). Westview; 505-544.

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· Reeve, H. K., and Dugatkin, L. A., 1996. Protected invasion and cooperation between unrelated individuals. .

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· Dugatkin, L. A. 1988. Do guppies play TIT FOR TAT and "outlaw" during predator inspection visits? Behav. Ecol. and Sociobiol. 25: 395-399.

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· Dugatkin, L. A., and Reeve, H. K. 1998. Game Theory and Animal Behavior. Oxford University Press.

· Dugatkin, L. A., and Wilson, D. S. 1991. ROVER: A strategy for exploiting cooperators in a patchy environment. Am. Nat. 138: 687-701.

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