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Cela, Camilo José (1916-2002)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Camilo Cela.


Six Superlative Sources

· Charlebois, Lucile C. Understanding Camilo José Cela. University of South Carolina Press, 1998.

· Foster, David William. "Camilo José Cela: 1989 Nobel Prize in Literature." World Literature Today 64.1 (Winter 1990): 5-8.

· Herzberger, David. "Cela and the Challenge to History in Francoist Spain." Ojáncano, April 1991: 13-23.

· Kirsner, Robert. The Novels and Travels of Camilo José Cela. Gráficas P y Punto, 1986.

· Perez, Janet. "A Retrospective and Prospective Assessment of the Directions of Cela Criticism." Anales de la Literature Espanola Contemporanea 16.3 (1991): 361-77.

· Roy, Joaquín, ed. Camilo José Cela: Homage to a Nobel Prize. University of Miami, 1991.

Other Excellent Sources

· Foster, David William. "Cela and Spanish Marginal Culture." Review of Contemporary Fiction 4.3 (1984): 55-59.

· Insula. Special issue devoted exclusively to Camilo José Cela, February-March 1990: 518-19.

· Perez, Janet. "The Game of the Possible: Francoist Censorship and Techniques of Dissent." Review of Contemporary Fiction 4.3 (1984): 22-30.

· Villanueva, Darío. "Estudio preliminar." Páginas Escogidas, by Camilo José Cela, 9-65.

· Zamora Vicente, Alonso. Camilo José Cela. Gredos, 1962.

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   Cela, Camilo José (1916-2002)
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