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Ireland -- History -- Ancient

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is ancient Irish history.


Six Superlative Sources

· Pagan Celtic Ireland: The Enigma of the Irish Iron Age, Barry Raftery (Thames and Hudson, 1994). A well-written survey of problems in later Irish prehistory from a archaeological point-of-view.

· Early Ireland: An Introduction to Irish Prehistory, Michael O'Kelly (Cambridge University Press, 1989). Very readable look at ancient Ireland from the last ice age to the iron age.

· The Celtic World, Miranda Green (Routledge, 1995). Large number of articles by leading scholars on the Celtic background to Irish prehistory as well as specific articles on early Ireland.

· Celtic Art, Ruth and Vincent Megaw (Thames and Hudson, 1989). Excellent survey of Celtic and Irish art and archaeological evidence of early Irish history.

· Ireland and the Classical World, Philip Freeman (University of Texas Press, 2000). Comprehensive survey of Greek and Roman literary sources on Ireland as well as archaeological and linguistic evidence of contact.

· Archaeology Ireland (Bray, Co.). Periodical with latest information on archaeological finds relating to all phases of Irish history and prehistory

Other Excellent Sources

· Ancient Ireland is an excellent resource on the web for information related to Irish history and prehistory.

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