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Materials -- Fatigue -- Cyclic Deformation

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is fracture mechanics.


Six Superlative Sources

· C. Laird, "The Application of Dislocation Concepts in Fatigue," in Dislocations in Solids, v. 6, F.R.N. Nabarro, ed., North Holland, 1986, p. 55.

· C. Laird, "Fatigue," in Physical Metallurgy, R. Cahn and P. Haasen, eds., North Holland, 1996.

· M.E. Kassner, M.T. Perez-Prado, K.S. Vecchio, and M.A. Wall, "Determination of Internal Stresses in Cyclically Deformed Cu Single Crystals Using CBED and Dislocation Dipole Separation Measurements," Acta Mater. 48, 2000, p. 4247.

· Z.S. Basinski and S.J. Basinski, Progress in Mater. Sci. 36, 1992, p. 89.

· P. Neumann, Chapter 24 in Physical Metallurgy, R. Cahn and P. Haasen, eds., Elsevier, 1983.

· S. Suresh, Fatigue of Materials, Cambridge University Press, 1998.

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   Materials -- Fatigue -- Cyclic Deformation
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