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Vermont -- History -- Transportation

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the history of transportation in Vermont.


Six Superlative Sources

· Kirkland, Edward Chase, Men, Cities and Transportation, Harvard University Press, 1948, 2 vol.

· Taylor, Philip Elbert, The Turnpike Era in New England, Yale University, 1934.

· Hill, Ralph Nading, Lake Champlain, Key to Liberty, Countryman Press, 1995.

· Ross, Ogden, Steam Boats of Lake Champlain, 1809-1930, Vermont Heritage Press, 1997.

· Jones, Robert C., Railroads of Vermont, New England Press, 1993, 3 vol.

· Bassett, T.D. Seymour, "Urban Penetration of Rural Vermont, 1840-1880," Ph.D. diss., Harvard University, 1952.

Other Excellent Sources

· Wilgus, William John, The Role of Transportation in the Development of Vermont, Vermont Historical Society, 1945.

· Vermont State Highway Department, Report of a Survey of Transportation on the State Highways of Vermont, State of Vermont, 1926.

· Williams, Jerry P., Lake Champlain Ferry Boats, Lake Champlain Transportation Company, 1990.

· Waterman, William Randall, "The Connecticut River Valley Steam Boat Co.," Vermont History, 25 (Apr 1957), 82-102.

· Williams, Jacobus Melancthon, "A Canal across Vermont," Vermont History, 23 (Oct 1955), 274-285.

· Fox, Gerald B., "Vermont's Big Green Machines," Chittenden Historical County Society Bulletin, 34: 4 (Winter 2000-2001), 16-30.

· Redden, Robert, Vermont Transit Historic Photograph Portfolio, Redden Archives, 1983.

· Baker, George Rogers, The Formation of the New England Railroad Systems, Harvard University Press, 1949.

· Cone, Gertrude, "Studies in the Development of Transportation in the Champlain Valley to 1876," M.A. thesis, University of Vermont, 1945.

· Burlington International Airport: A Pictorial History, Burlington Board of Airport Commissioners, 1982.

· Nelson, Joseph C., Spanning Time: Vermont's Covered Bridges, New England Press, 1997.

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