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Program Music

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is program music.


Six Superlative Sources

· Gilman, Lawrence, Nature in Music and Other Studies in the Tone-Poetry of Today, Books for Libraries Press, 1966.

· Stockmeier, Wolfgang, Program Music, Arno Volk Verlag, 1970.

· Foelber, Paul Frederick, Bach's Treatment of the Subject of Death in His Choral Music, Catholic University of America Press, 1961.

· Meyer-Baer, Kathi, Music of the Spheres and the Dance of Death: Studies in Musical Iconology, Princeton University Press, 1970.

· Walton, Kendall, "Listening with Imagination: Is Music Representational?" The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 52:1 (Winter 1994): 47-61.

· Scruton, Roger, "Programme Music," in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, edited by Stanley Sadie, Macmillan, 1980, vol. 15: 283-7.

Other Excellent Sources

· Hammerstein, Reinhold, Tanz und Musik des Todes: Die Mittelalterlichen Totentänze und ihr Nachleben, Francke Verlag, 1980.

· Newcomb, Anthony, "Once More: Between Absolute and Programme Music: Schumann's Second Symphony," 19th Century Music 7 (1984): 233-50.

· Newcomb, Anthony, "Agencies/Actors in Instrumental Music: The Example of Mahler's Ninth Symphony, Second Movement," in Musik als Text: Kongreßbericht Gesellschaft für Musik Freiburg 1993, Bärenreiter, 1998, vol. 1, pp. 55-61.

· Newman, Ernest, "Programme Music," in Musical Studies, John Lane, 1905.

· Walton, Kendall, "Understanding Humor and Understanding Music," The Journal of Musicology XI/1 (Winter 1993): 32-51.

· Walton, Kendall, "What is Abstract about the Art of Music?" The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 46/3 (Spring 1988): 351-364.

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