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Blackbirds -- Red-Winged

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is red-winged blackbirds.


Six Superlative Sources

· Beletsky, L. 1996. The red-winged blackbird: the biology of a strongly polygynous songbird. Academic Press.

· Beletsky, L. D. and Orians, G. H. 1996. Red-winged blackbirds: decision-making and reproductive success. University of Chicago Press.

· Nero, R. W. 1984. Redwings. Smithsonian Institution Press.

· Orians, G. H. 1980. Some adaptations of marsh-nesting blackbirds. Princeton University Press.

· Searcy, W. A. and Yasukawa, K. 1995. Polygyny and sexual selection in red-winged blackbirds. Princeton University Press.

· Yasukawa, K. and Searcy, W. A. 1995. Red-winged blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus). In The birds of North America, No. 184 (A. Poole and F. Gill, eds.). The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, and The American Ornithologists' Union.

Other Excellent Sources

· Jaramillo, A. and Burke, P. 1999. New world blackbirds. Princeton University Press.

· Orians, G. H. 1985. Blackbirds of the Americas. University of Washington Press.

· Orians, G. H. and Beletsky, L. D. 1989. Red-winged blackbird. pp. 183-197 in I. Newton (ed.). Lifetime reproduction in birds. Academic Press.

· Payne, R. B. 1969. Breeding seasons and reproductive physiology of tricolored blackbirds and redwinged blackbirds. University of California Publications in Zoology 90:1-115.

· Searcy, W. A. and Yasukawa, K. 1983. Sexual selection and red-winged blackbirds. American Scientist 71:166-174.

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