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Shape Perception

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is shape perception.


Six Superlative Sources

· Michael Leyton. Symmetry, Causality, Mind. (MIT Press, 1992).

· Michael Leyton. A Theory of Information Structure. Parts I and II. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 30, 103-160, 257-305, 1986.

· Michael Leyton. Principles of Information Structure Common to Six Levels of the Human Cognitive System. Information Sciences, 38, 1-120, 1986.

· Erich Goldmeier. Similarity in Visually Perceived Forms. Psychological Issues, 8 #1, Monograph 29. (International Universities, 1972).

· Rudolf Arnheim. Art and Visual Perception. (University of California Press, 1974).

· Peter Giblin and Guillermo Sapiro. Affine-Invariant Distances, Envelopes, and Symmetry Sets. Geometricae Dedicata, 71, 237-261, 1998.

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