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Webster, Daniel (1782-1852)

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Daniel Webster.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bartlett, Irving H. Daniel Webster. Norton, 1978.

· Baxter, Maurice G. One and Inseparable: Daniel Webster and the Union. Harvard University Press, 1984.

· Current, Richard N. Daniel Webster and the Rise of National Conservatism. Little, Brown, 1955.

· Remini, Robert V. Daniel Webster: The Man and His Time. W.W. Norton, 1997.

· Peterson, Merrill D. The Great Triumvirate: Webster, Clay, and Calhoun. Oxford University Press, 1987.

· Shewmaker, Kenneth E., ed. Daniel Webster: "The Completest Man." University Press of New England, 1990.

Other Excellent Sources


· Curtis, George Ticknor. Life of Daniel Webster. 2 vols. D. Appleton, 1870.

· Harvey, Peter. Reminiscences and Anecdotes of Daniel Webster. Little, Brown, 1877.

· Konefsky, Alfred S., and Andrew J. King, eds. The Papers of Daniel Webster, Legal Papers. 3 vols. University Press of New England, 1982-1989.

· Lanman, Charles. The Private Life of Daniel Webster. Harper and Brothers, 1852.

· Lyman, Samuel P. Life and Memorials of Daniel Webster. 2 vols. D. Appleton, 1853.

· March, Charles. Daniel Webster and His Contemporaries. Scribner, 1852.

· McIntyre, James W., ed. The Writings and Speeches of Daniel Webster, National Edition. 18 vols. Little, Brown, 1903.

· Paige, Harriette Story. Daniel Webster in England. Houghton Mifflin, 1917.

· Shewmaker, Kenneth E., et al., eds. The Papers of Daniel Webster, Diplomatic Papers. 2 vols. University Press of New England, 1983-1987.

· Van Tyne, C.H., ed. The Letters of Daniel Webster. McClure, Phillips, 1902.

· Webster, Caroline Le Roy. Mr. W. and I. Edited by Claude M. Fuess. I. Washburn, 1942.

· Webster, Daniel Fletcher, ed. The Private Correspondence of Daniel Webster. 2 vols. Little, Brown, 1857.

· Whipple, Edwin P., ed. The Great Speeches and Orations of Daniel Webster. Little, Brown, 1884.

· Wiltse, Charles M., et al., eds. The Papers of Daniel Webster, Correspondence. 7 vols. Hanover, NH, and London, 1974-1986.

· Wiltse, Charles M., and Alan R. Berolzheimer, eds. The Papers of Daniel Webster, Speeches and Formal Writings. 2 vols. University Press of New England, 1986-1988.


· Baxter, Maurice G. Daniel Webster and the Supreme Court. University of Massachusetts Press, 1966.

· Baxter, Maurice G. The Steamboat Monopoly: Gibbons v Ogden, 1824. Knopf, 1972.

· Dalzell, Robert F., Jr. Daniel Webster and the Trial of American Nationalism 1843-1852. Houghton Mifflin, 1973.

· Fuess, Claude M. Daniel Webster. 2 vols. University of Massachusetts Press, 1930.

· Jones, Howard, and Donald A. Rakestraw. Prologue to Manifest Destiny: Anglo-American Relations in the 1840s. SR Books, 1997.

· Jones, Howard. To the Webster-Ashburton Treaty: A Study in Anglo-American Relations, 1783-1843. SR Books, 1977.

· Merk, Frederick. Fruits of Propaganda in the Tyler Administration. Harvard University Press, 1971.

· Nathans, Sydney. Daniel Webster and Jacksonian Democracy. Johns Hopkins University Press, 1973.

· Stevens, Kenneth R. Border Diplomacy: The Caroline and McLeod Affairs in Anglo-American Relations, 1827-1842. University of Alabama Press, 1989.


· Bartlett, Irving H. "Daniel Webster as a Symbolic Hero." New England Quarterly 45 (December 1972).

· Birkner, Michael. "Daniel Webster and the Crisis of the Union, 1850." Historical New Hampshire 37 (Summer/Fall 1982).

· Jones, Howard. "The Attempt to Impeach Daniel Webster." Capitol Studies 3 (Fall 1975).

· Parish, Peter J. "Daniel Webster, New England, and the West." Journal of American History 54 (December 1967).

· Shewmaker, Kenneth E. "Commercial Expansionism in China, Hawaii, and Japan." In Major Problems in American Foreign Relations, Volume 1: To 1920, edited by Thomas G. Paterson and Dennis Merrill. 4th ed. D.C. Heath, 1995.

· Shewmaker, Kenneth E. "'Congress only can declare war' and 'the President is Commander in Chief': Daniel Webster and the War Power." Diplomatic History 12 (Fall 1988).

· Shewmaker, Kenneth E. "Daniel Webster." In The Encyclopedia of the United States Congress, edited by Donald C. Bacon, Roger H. Davidson, and Morton Keller. 4 vols. Simon and Schuster, 1995.

· Shewmaker, Kenneth E. "Daniel Webster." In Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations, edited by Bruce W. Jentleson and Thomas G. Paterson. 4 vols. Oxford University Press, 1997.

· Shewmaker, Kenneth E. "Daniel Webster and American Conservatism." In Traditions and Values: American Diplomacy, 1790-1865, edited by Norman A. Graebner. University Press of America, 1985.

· Shewmaker, Kenneth E. "Daniel Webster, Angler." The American Fly Fisher 18 (Fall 1992).

· Shewmaker, Kenneth E. "Daniel Webster and the Oregon Question." Pacific Historical Review 51 (May 1982).

· Shewmaker, Kenneth E. "Daniel Webster and the Politics of Foreign Policy, 1850-1852." Journal of American History 63 (September 1976).

· Shewmaker, Kenneth E. "Forging the 'Great Chain': Daniel Webster and the Origins of American Foreign Policy Toward East Asia and the Pacific, 1841-1852." In Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 129 (September 1985).

· Shewmaker, Kenneth E. "'Hook and line, and bob and sinker': Daniel Webster and the Fisheries Dispute of 1852." Diplomatic History 9 (Spring 1985).

· Shewmaker, Kenneth E. "'Untaught Diplomacy': Daniel Webster and the Lobos Islands Controversy." Diplomatic History 1 (Fall 1977).

· Shewmaker, Kenneth E. "The 'War of Words': The Cass-Webster Debate of 1842-43," Diplomatic History 5 (Spring 1981).

· Shewmaker, Kenneth E. "'This unblessed war': Daniel Webster's Opposition to the War of 1812." Historical New Hampshire 53 (October 1998).

· Stevens, Kenneth R. "The Webster-Ingersoll Feud: Politics and Personality in the New Nation." Historical New Hampshire 37 (Summer/Fall 1982).


· Bénet, Stephen Vincent. The Devil and Daniel Webster. Farrar and Rinehart, 1936.

· MacLeish, Archibald. Scratch. Houghton Mifflin, 1971.


· "The Devil and Daniel Webster." Directed by William Dieterle, and featuring Edward Arnold as Daniel Webster and Walter Huston as Scratch. RKO, 1941.

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