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Factory System

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is factories.


Six Superlative Sources

· Clark, Gregory. 1994. "Factory Discipline," Journal of Economic History 54(1): 128-163 (March).

· Jones, S.R.H. 1994. "The Origins of the Factory System in Great Britain: Technology, Transaction Costs, or Exploitation?" in Maurice Kirby and Mary Rose, eds., Business Enterprise in Modern Britain. pp. 31-60. Routledge.

· Landes, David S. 1986. "What Do Bosses Really Do?" Journal of Economic History 46(3): 585-623 (September).

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· Marglin, Stephen A. 1974. "What Do Bosses Do?" Review of Radical Political Economy 6: 33-60 (Summer).

· Temin, Peter. 1991. "Entrepreneurs and Managers," in Patrice Higonnet, David Landes, and Henry Rosovsky, eds., Favorites of Fortune. Harvard University Press, pp. 339-355.

Other Excellent Sources

· Alchian, Armen, and Harold Demsetz. 1972. "Production, Information Costs, and Economic Organization," American Economic Review 62(5): 772-795.

· Ames, Edward, and Nathan Rosenberg. 1965. "The Progressive Division and Specialization of Industries," Journal of Development Studies 1(4): 363-383.

· Baines, Edward. 1966. History of the Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain. 2nd edition. Augustus M. Kelly.

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· Buttrick, John. 1952. "The Inside Contract System," Journal of Economic History 12(3): 205-221.

· Cohen, Jon S. 1981. "Managers and Machinery: An Analysis of the Rise of Factory Production," Australian Economic Papers 20(June): 24-41.

· Fang, Hsien-T`ing. 1978. The Triumph of the Factory System in England. Porcupine Press.

· Jones, S.R.H. 1982. "The Organization of Work," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 3(2): 117-37.

· Jones, S.R.H. 1987. "Technology, Transaction Costs, and the Transition to Factory Production in the British Silk Industry, 1700-1870," Journal of Economic History 47(1)(March): 71-96.

· Landes, David S. 1969. The Unbound Prometheus: Technological Change and Industrial Development in Western Europe from 1750 to the Present. Cambridge University Press.

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· Mantoux, Paul. 1961. The Industrial Revolution in the Eighteenth Century. Revised edition. Jonathan Cape

· Marglin, Stephen A. 1984. "Knowledge and Power," in Frank H. Stephen, ed., Firms, Organization and Labour. Macmillan, pp. 146-164.

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· Smith, Adam. 1976. The Wealth of Nations. Glasgow edition. Clarendon Press.

· Stinchcombe, Arthur L. 1990. Information and Organizations. University of California Press.

· Ure, Andrew. 1861. The Philosophy of Manufactures. 3rd edition. H.G. Bohn.

· Williamson, Oliver E. 1980. "The Organization of Work: A Comparative Institutional Assessment," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 1(1): 5-38.

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