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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the flute.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bate, Philip. "The Flute." W.W. Norton, 1979. A comprehensive resource, including acoustics and construction.

· Toff, Nancy. "The Flute Book: A Complete Guide for Students and Performers." Oxford University Press, 1996. 2nd Edition. The single most complete resource of flute information; well illustrated.

· Quantz, Johann Joachim. "On Playing the Flute." Trans. Edward Reilly. Schirmer Books, 1975.

· Boehm , Thoebald. "The Flute and Flute Playing." Trans. Dayton C. Miller. Dover Publications, 1964.

· "Flutists Quarterly." Publication of the National Flute Association.

· De Lorenzo, Leonardo. "My Complete Story of The Flute: The Instrument, The Performer, The Music." National Flute Association Special Publications, 1998.

Other Excellent Sources

· Solum, John. "The Early Flute." Oxford University Press, 1992.

· Floyd, Angelita. "The Gilbert Legacy." Winzer Press, 1999.

· Wye, Trevor. "Marcel Moyse: An Extraordinary Man." Winzer Press, 1997.

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