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Foreign Language Assessment -- K-12

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is foreign language instruction.


Six Superlative Sources

· Barnhardt, S., Delett, J., and Kevorkian, J. (1999). The Portfolio Assessment Manual for Foreign Language Teachers. National Capital Language Resource Center. A comprehensive manual for designing and implementing portfolio assessment in the foreign language classroom.

· Illinois State Board of Education Assessment Division. (1998). The Language Proficiency Handbook: A Practitioner's Guide to Instructional Assessment. Illinois State Department of Education. An excellent resource for ideas, rubrics and a model for statewide assessment endeavors.

· Connecticut State Board of Education. (1998). World Languages: A Guide to K-12 Program Development. Connecticut State Board of Education. An exemplary program development guide that views assessment as an integral part of language instruction. Prototype assessments, learning activities, and student work samples are included.

· Thompson, L. (1997). Foreign Language Assessment in Grades K-8: An Annotated Bibliography of Assessment Instruments. Delta Systems. Over 150 assessments are described for K-8, many of which are also used in the 9-12 context. Published and Internet assessment resources are included as well.

· National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center (Iowa State University) and the Center for Applied Linguistics. This site has excellent resources for K-12 foreign language teachers. Three types of resources are available: a comprehensive internet resources list, published resources list, and a searchable database of detailed descriptions of assessments currently in use.

· The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development has an excellent web site that includes numerous assessment articles and books to browse online. Additional educational websites can be accessed as well as an archive of e-mail chats on a range of important topics, including assessment.

Other Excellent Sources

· Genesee, F., and Upshur, J. (1996). Classroom-Based Evaluation in Second Language Education. Cambridge University Press.

· Hancock, C. (ed.). (1994). Teaching, Testing, and Assessment: Making the Connection. National Textbook.

· Liskin-Gasparro, J. (1996). Assessment: From Content Standards to Student Performance. In R. Lafayette (ed.), National Standards: A Catalyst for Reform. National Textbook.

· Rhodes, N.C., Rosenbusch, M.H., and Thompson, L. (1996). Foreign Languages: Instruments, Techniques, and Standards. In G. Phye (ed.), Handbook of Classroom Assessment: Learning, Adjustment, and Achievement. Academic Press.

· Wiggins, G. (1998). Educative Assessment: Designing Assessments to Inform and Improve Student Performance. Jossey-Bass.

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