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Tobacco Regulation

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is economic and business regulation.


Six Superlative Sources

· Fritschler, A. Lee, and James M. Hoefler. 1996. Smoking and Politics: Policy Making and the Federal Bureaucracy. 5th edition. Prentice Hall.

· Glantz, Stanton A. 1999. Tobacco Biology and Politics: An Exposé of Fraud and Deception. 2nd edition. Health Edco.

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· Licari, Michael J., and Kenneth J. Meier. 2000. "Regulation and Signaling: When a Tax Is Not Just a Tax," Journal of Politics, 62: 875-885.

· Rabin, Roberta, and Stephen Sugarman, eds. 1993. Smoking Policy: Law, Politics, and Culture. Oxford University Press.

· Rabin, Roberta, and Stephen Sugarman, eds. 2001. Regulating Tobacco. Oxford University Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Adams, Christopher Freeman. 1998. "Smoke-Free California: Democracy Meets Public Health," National Civic Review, 87: 311-317.

· Alston, Lee J., Ruth Dupré, and Tomas Nonnenmacher. 2002. "Social Reformers and Regulation: The Prohibition of Cigarettes in the United States and Canada," Explorations in Economic History, 39: 425-445.

· American Lung Association: Tobacco Control.

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· CDC Health Topic: Smoking and Tobacco Use. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

· Chaloupka, Frank, and Henry Saffer. 1991. The Demand for Cigarettes and Restrictions on Smoking in the Workplace. National Bureau of Economic Research.

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· Economics of Tobacco Control. The World Bank.

· Evans, William N., Jeanne S. Ringel, and Diana Stech. 1999. "Tobacco Taxes and Public Policy to Discourage Smoking," Tax Policy Economy, 13: 135-154.

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· Lorillard Tobacco Company Document Site.

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· Philip Morris International: Tobacco Regulation.

· Philip Morris USA Document Site.

· Pierce, John P., Elizabeth A. Gilpin, et al. 1998. "Has the California Tobacco Control Program Reduced Smoking?" Journal of the American Medical Association, 280: 893-899.

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· Selected Actions of the U.S. Government Regarding the Regulation of Tobacco Sales, Marketing, and Use. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

· Stephens, Yvonne D., and Gary English. 2002. "A Statewide School Tobacco Policy Review: Process, Results, and Implications," Journal of School Health, 72: 334-338.

· Timmins, William M., and Clark Brighton Timmins. 1989. Smoking and the Workplace. Quorum.

· Tobacco Control Archives. University of California, San Francisco.

· Tobacco Control Resource Center and Tobacco Products Liability Project. Northeastern University.

· Tobacco-Free Europe. European Office, World Health Organization.

· Tobacco Prevention and Control. Association of State and Territorial Health Officials.

· Traynor, Michael, and Michael E. Begay. 1993. "The New Tobacco Industry Strategy to Prevent Local Tobacco Control," Journal of the American Medical Association, 270: 479-486.

· U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services. 1993. Major Local Tobacco Control Ordinances in the United States. Smoking and Tobacco Control, Monograph 3. National Cancer Institute. NIH Publication 93-3532.

· University of Maryland School of Law Legal Resource Center for Tobacco Regulation, Litigation and Advocacy.

· Vaughn, Michael, and Rolando V. del Carmen. 1993. "Legal and Policy Issues from the Supreme Court's Decision on Smoking in Prisons," Federal Probation, 57: 34-39.

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· Wendling, Victoria L. 1992. "Smoking and Parenting: Can They Be Adjudged Mutually Exclusive Activities?" Case Western Reserve Law Review, 42: 1025-1068.

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