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Presley, Elvis (1935-1977) -- Fiction, Plays, and Collections of Poetry

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Elvis.


Six Superlative Sources

· Charters, Samuel Barclay. Elvis Presley Calls His Mother after the Ed Sullivan Show: A Novel. Coffee House, 1992.

· Childress, Mark. Tender: A Novel. Harmony, 1990.

· Ebersole, Lucinda, and Richard Peabody, ed. Mondo Elvis: A Collection of Stories and Poems about Elvis. St. Martin's, 1994.

· Friedman, Kinky. Elvis, Jesus, and Coca Cola. Simon, 1993. A mystery novel.

· Gantos, Jack. Zip Six: A Novel. Bridge Works, 1996. A novel featuring an Elvis impersonator.

· Womack, Jack. Elvissey. Grove, 1997.

Other Excellent Sources

· Ai. Fate: New Poems. Houghton, 1991. Includes the poem "The Resurrection of Elvis Presley."

· Alexander, Robert, Mark Vinz, and C.W. Truesdale, ed. The Party Train: A Collection of North American Prose Poetry. New Rivers, 1996.

· Aversz, Robert. Shooting Elvis. Grove, 1996. Adventure stories.

· Block, Lawrence. Some Days You Get the Bear. Morrow, 1993. Mystery short stories, including "The Burglar Who Dropped in on Elvis."

· Bourgeau, Art. The Elvis Murders. Berkley, 1985. Mystery novel.

· Brewer, Steve. Lonely Street: A Bubba Mabry Mystery. Intrigue, 1999.

· Butler, Robert Olen. Tabloid Dreams: Stories. Holt, 1996. Includes the short story "Boy Born with Tattoo of Elvis."

· DeMarco, Gordon. Elvis in Aspic. West Coast Crime, 1994. Mystery short stories.

· Douglas, Carole Nelson. Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit: A Midnight Louie Mystery. Forge, 1999.

· Dozois, Gardner, ed. The Year's Best Science Fiction: Tenth Annual Collection. St. Martin's, 1993. Includes the short story "The Elvis National Theater of Okinawa" by Jonathan Lethem and Lukas Jaeger.

· Dozois, Gardner, ed. The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twelfth Annual Collection. St. Martin's, 1995. Includes the short story "Red Elvis" by Walter Jon Williams.

· Driskell, Leon V. Passing Through: A Fiction. Algonquin, 1983. Includes the short story "The Day That Elvis Died."

· Duff, Gerald. That's All Right, Mama: A Novel. Baskerville, 1995.

· Eidus, Janice. The Celibacy Club. City Lights, 1997. Includes the short story "Elvis, Axl, and Me."

· Finch, Peter. Poems for Ghosts. Seren, 1991.

· Flinn, Mary, and George Garrett. Elvis in Oz: New Stories and Poems from the Hollins Creative Writing Program. University Press of Virginia, 1992.

· Fox, Les, and Sue Fox. Return to Sender: The Secret Son of Elvis Presley: A Novel. West Highland, 1996.

· Gilmore, Brian. Elvis Presley Is Alive and Well and Living in Harlem. Third World, 1992. Poems.

· Glaze, Paul L. The Original (Unofficial) Elvis Home Page.

· Hoch, Edward D., ed. The Year's Best Mystery and Suspense Stories, 1991. Walker, 1991. Includes the short story "Elvis Lives" by Lynne Barrett.

· Jaffe, Paul. Clothed in Light. Elvis Presley Online, 2000.

· Kelly, Robert. A Strange Market. Black Sparrow, 1992.

· Klein, Daniel M. Kill Me Tender: A Murder Mystery Featuring the Singing Sleuth Elvis Presley. Minotaur, 2000.

· Kluge, Paul Frederick. Biggest Elvis. Viking, 1996. A novel.

· Levinson, Robert S. The Elvis and Marilyn Affair: A Neil Gulliver and Stevie Marriner Novel. Forge, 1999. A mystery novel.

· Livingston, Georgette. The Dog Named Elvis Caper. Avalon, 1995. A mystery novel.

· Marino, Jan. The Day That Elvis Came to Town: A Novel. Little, 1991.

· Mee, Susie. The Girl Who Loved Elvis. Peachtree, 1993. A novel.

· Michael, Douglas. The Elvis Mandible. DC Comics, 1990. Adventure comic book.

· Milligan, Jason. Cross Country: Seven More One-Act Plays. S. French, 1993. Includes the play Life after Elvis.

· Mystery Scene, the Staff of. The Year's 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories. Carroll and Graf, 1992. Includes the short story "Elvis Lives" by Lynne Barrett.

· O'Sullivan, Vincent. The Oxford Book of New Zealand Short Stories. Oxford University Press, 1992.

· Resnick, Mike, and Martin H. Greenberg, ed. By any Other Fame. DAW, 1994. Includes the short story "Elvis Invictus" by Judith Tarr.

· Sammon, Paul M., ed. The King Is Dead: Tales of Elvis Postmortem. Delta, 1994. Short stories.

· Saunders, Amy Elizabeth, ed. Blue Christmas. Leisure, 1998. Novellas featuring Elvis in Memphis.

· Sloan, Kay, and Constance Pierce, ed. Elvis Rising: Stories of the King. Avon, 1993. Short stories.

· Taylor, Cecil P. Live Theatre: Four Plays for Young People. Methuen/Iron Press, 1983. Includes the play Operation Elvis.

· Townsend, Tom. Trader Wooly and the Ghost in the Colonel's Jeep. Eakin, 1991. For juvenile readers.

· Tronnes, Mike, ed. Literary Las Vegas: The Best Writing about America's Most Fabulous City. Holt, 1995.

· Wall, David. The Amazing Adventures of Space Elvis.

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