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Nanostructured Carbon Film Field Emitters

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the atomic and electronic structure of carbon nanotubes.


Six Superlative Sources

· W. Zhu, L.S. Pan, T.E. Felter, and C. Holland, eds., Materials Issues in Vacuum Electronics, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, Volume 509 (Materials Research Society, 1998).

· G. Benedek, P. Milani, V.G. Ralchenko, eds., Nanostructured Carbon for Advanced Applications (NATO Science Series: II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, 24) (Kluwer Academic Press, 2001).

· D. Temple, ed., Proceedings of the 11th International Vacuum Microelectronics Conference, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 17, pp. 505-791 (1999).

· A.G. Rinzler, J.H. Rafner, P. Nikolaev, L. Lou, S.G. Kim, D. Tomanek, P. Nordlander, D.T. Nordlander, D.T. Colbert, and R.E. Smalley, "Unraveling Nanotubes: Field Emission from an Atomic Wire," Science 269, 1550 (1995).

· Z. Ren, Z. Huang, J. Xu, J. Wang, P. Bush, M. Siegal, P. Provencio, "Synthesis of Large Arrays of Well-Aligned Carbon Nanotubes on Glass," Science 282, 1105 (1998).

· W.A. de Heer, A. Chatelain and D. Ugarte, "A Carbon Nanotube Field-Emission electron Source," Science 270, 1179 (1995).

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